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Khasi cuisine – defined! Few recommended Jadoh Joints in Shillong

Oct 26, 2016 13:37
Khasi cuisine

Local cuisine is best enjoyed in traditional outlets. We endorse it. But we cannot discount the number of restaurant that have sprung up in Shillong serving local Khasi cuisine in a restaurant environment and do a good job at it!

Before Khasi cuisine met fine dining, a visit to the local “Dukan-Ja” would mean entering a small, wooden stall. Roughly shorn wooden benches would be closely arranged next to long wooden tables holding small bowls of coarse salt and bird eye chili. Windows would be small but have white lace curtains. A small blackboard would have a handwritten menu which was rarely read. Everyone who walked in would ask “Don Jyntah aiu?” (What is there to eat).

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And there would be plenty. Here is a list for novices –

Jadoh – Rice cooked with beef, pork or fish/blood (doh snam)

Jastem – Yellow rice (cooked with turmeric

Dai iong – Dal cooked with black sesame seed

Phan Sdeh – Turmeric fried potatoes

Syrwa tyrso – Mustard leaves stew

Doh Khleh – Boiled pork with fresh ginger and onion

Doh Sniang kylla – Fried pork curry

Snier – Pork small entrails

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Dohnud – Liver

Nierbah – Pork large entrails

Tungrymbai – Fermented soya bean and black sesame paste

Doh thad – smoked beef or pork

Tungtap – Dried fish chutney

Kjat sniang – Pig’s trotters


The list is endless. But we hope the list helps you get the more popular dishes Khasi cuisine offers and armed with this bravado, visit any of the few recommended restaurants we list –

## 2 Jadoh stalls in Laitumkhrah (Kongthei’s stall (near Bata showroom in Laitumkhrah) and Bahdeng’s stall (opposite Café Shillong in Laitumkhrah)

## Tratorria ‘Restoranto Khasiano’, Police Bazaar

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## Alelang, Lower Lachumiere

## Red Rice, Police Bazaar

## Kong Deng’s stall, Mawkhar

## Kong Wan’s stall, Mawlai

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Oct 26, 2016 13:37

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