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Mouth watering Garo dishes and recipes

Aug 20, 2016 20:28

The staple food of the Garos is rice. The Garos consumed consume large quantities of rice. However, apart from rice, Garo cuisine is rich in various non-vegetarian dishes. And they are absolutely mouth-watering and easy to make. Kappa and Galda Nakham are dishes that are made in almost every Garo Household.  Chillies are also an integral part of the Garo cuisine.

Na.kam Chutney Rasin mung

This is simply Dry fish Chutney with Onions. The Ingredients needed are found in your everyday kitchen. Five or six pieces of dry fish cleaned and ready to cook, three to four fresh green chillies and one chopped onion. 

One needs to add salt to taste, a teaspoon of water, a little of mustard oil.  Once the ingredients are ready put all of them into a mixer. Grind it until it shapes up into a rough paste and serve it with rice and any dish of your choice.

Do’o kappa / Chicken Garo style

Traditionally kappa or soda was consumed as it helps digestion. Since then soda has made its way into Garo dishes. For this chicken dish, you would need one chicken, cleaned and chopped, edible soda, ginger, onions, capsicum and fresh coriander leaves and of course salt. Like most other recipes even this needs ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.

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The method is easy. You need to place the chicken in a pot, add three tablespoons of ginger pasted and smashed into the chicken. Also add capsicum, chopped onions, green chillies and a spoon of soda and salt to taste. Cook the chicken for about twenty minutes and add a little water that would prevent the chicken to get burnt. Stir in regular intervals. Once cooked, serve with rice or something of your choice.

Na’kam Bitchi  or Dry Fish Soup

Dry fish is an integral part of Garo cuisine. Na’kam Bitchi is a much loved delicacy of the state. Take 250 grams dry fish cleaned and ready to cook , add slit green chillies as per your preference , three tablespoons of ginger paste, 1/3 teaspoon of edible soda, one and a half cup of water.  Take the ingredients in a pan and cook it in a pan for a while. Then lower the flame and cover the pan and keep boiling at a low flame for another fifteen minutes or until the fish is thoroughly cooked.

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Aug 20, 2016 20:28

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