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Recipes from the Garo Hills

Feb 12, 2016 21:56
Do’0 Modipol,Wak Jo.krapa, Gal’da Na’kam, Na’kam Baring belati Chutney
There are various tribes who stay in the beautiful hilly state Meghalaya and the Garos are among prominent ones. Garo recipes are quite tantalizing and rice is their staple food. Apart from rice, they also use stuffs like millets, tapioca, meat types like chicken, pork and duck to make those delicious dishes. To cope with cold climate of the regions, Garo people love eating spicy dishes made with plenty of chilies.
Below listed are some of the traditional and yummy recipes from Garo Hills:
Gal’da Na’kam
Gal’da Na’kam
This is a tangy dish made with dry fish and a local green vegetable. You will need to use dryfish called Na’kam to cook it. For 100 grams of dryfish, you will need 3 cups of Galda-a local vegetable. The other ingredients are green chilies and salt.
At first, you will need to wash and cut the vegetables. Then mix every ingredient in a container and simmer. The water will come out when vegetables are heated. Cook on low heat until the fish turns quite soft. Serve it warm with rice.
Do’0 Modipol
Do’0 Modipol
This is a Garo dish where chicken is cooked along with raw papaya. You will need about 250 grams chicken, chopped ginger, salt, 1.5 cup chopped raw papaya, chillies, cooking soda.
Add everything in a pan and put on low flame. Do not add water at this point. The raw papaya and chicken will have own juices that is used for boiling. Keep on stirring and add a small amount of water if required. Cover and cook on low heat till chicken gets really tender. Serve it hot with rice.
Na’kam Baring belati Chutney
Na’kam Baring belati Chutney
This Garo dish is basically a dryfish chutney in which roasted tomatoes are used. You will need 2 tomatoes, 10 dry fish, a few crushed garlic pods, mustard oil, salt, chopped chilies.
At first, roast the dry fish and tomatoes on fire. Ensure the tomatoes become blackened post roasting. Scrape the blackened skin of roasted fish. Now mix tomatoes, garlic, salt, chillies and the dry fish in a pestle and crush them well. This should be like a fine paste. Now, mix the mustard oil. Serve this chutney as a side dish.
Wak Jo.krapa
 Wak Jo.krapa
This is a tangy and dry pork dish enjoyed often by Garo people. You will need 500 grams pork along with ingredients like chopped tomato, 2 chilies, chopped onions and garlic, cumin and turmeric powder, salt and oil.
At first, you need to cook the pork in its own fat until it is tender. Then in a pan, fry the onions and add cumin and turmeric powder. When onions become brownish, add the pork with other ingredients in the pan. Simmer and cook until the meat becomes brownish and the dish is almost dry. Serve this with rice. 
Feb 12, 2016 21:56

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