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Top Breakfast Recipes of Meghalaya

Jul 31, 2016 22:37
Breakfast Recipes

The hilly and landlocked state Meghalaya is a prime attraction for tourists visiting North eastern region of India. In the state, you find plenty of natural splendor and amazing wildlife. The mesmerizing long caves, river valleys and trekking routes offer plenty of sightseeing and adventure activities for tourists. However, Meghalaya also has amazing cuisine that can appeal to the foodies. The tribes in Meghalaya use rice and pork a lot in their dishes, and other main ingredients include soyabean, sesame seeds and garlic.

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The breakfast dishes in Meghalaya are tasty, made with herbs and full of flavors. Below listed are top breakfast dishes of Meghalaya.



This is a quintessential Khasi dish. It is made from pounded rice. You will need ingredients like half cup Rice flour, freshly grated coconut, powdered jiggery, water and salt.

At first, you will have to dry roast the flour for a couple of minutes. Then add salt to the flour and sprinkle some warm water. Add fresh coconut and jaggery next and blend everything well. Now take 2 steel small bowls and grease them. Fill the bowls with mixture. Cover them with parchment paper and steam cook for about 10 minutes. After removing form steamer, cool for a few minutes and serve.

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Pork is a main ingredient in many Meghalaya dishes and the tribes also use it for making salad. You will need 500 g pork (both fat and meat), finely chopped onions, chopped and peeled ginger, green chilies and salt.

At first, cut the pock in small pieces and cook in water and salt inside a pressure cooker for about 12 minutes. Then drain the water and dry the pieces. Mix the dry pork pieces with all other ingredients in bowl. Add salt if required before serving.

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This is one popular breakfast dish in Meghalaya that can be prepared in a jiffy. It is one type of sweet bread made with rice flour and jaggery. You will need a cup of rice flour, Oil, salt, half cup jaggery and water.

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If you use rice flour bought from market, roast it a little. Dissolve jaggery in water and the cook to make thick syrup. Add the flour to form a thick batter and throw a pinch of salt. Make balls using palms and flatten them too. Fry the pieces in oil till they are golden brown. They can be served with steaming hot tea.

Jul 31, 2016 22:37

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