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Meghalaya: The story of Bashlur, the brave dog who lost his battle for life

Aug 13, 2016 08:36
Bashlur was a very sweet, docile, gentle and homeless dog who lived at a locality called Laban in Shillong, Meghalaya. On August at around 10:30 am, Kaustan Paul, a lawyer by profession and his sister Anuradha were on their way to work when they spotted Bashlur stumbling on the road almost unconscious. Being animal lovers, they rushed to help him and noticed that he was foaming from his mouth and crying in pain. At first they thought it was a case of poisoning so one of them rushed to buy an antidote. But before they gave the antidote they decided to feed Bashlur some biscuits.
IN PICTURES ABOVE: Fima Mizo and Zuia Ralte, the accused responsible for Bashlur’s death  
Bashlur gobbled up the biscuits and this was a sign that it was not a case of poisoning. On close examination, Paul realized that Bashlur was physically hurt. A taxi driver later confessed that two men sitting nearby had hit Bashlur on his head with the intention of selling him off .  Paul immediately confronted the two men who were sitting leisurely on a guard wall .
On being questioned, both men proudly introduced themselves as professional dog killers and that they were sitting there waiting for Bashlur to conk off so that they could stuff him in a sack and sell him off to dog meat traders. While all this was happening, one smart lady quietly clicked the pics of the culprits.
Paul dragged both offenders to the Police Station while his sister took care of Bashlur and called up animal activists from Shillong. Bashlur was rushed to the Shillong Veterinary Hospital for treatment while the culprits were taken to the police station. On getting the information all animal activists united and connected with each other.
Paul lodged an FIR against the culprits on the spot. The culprits have been identified as Fima Mizo (37) from Manipur and Zuia Ralte (45) years from Mizoram. On interrogation, it was revealed that these were repetitive offenders and many more like them would roam around in bikes with heavy sticks , ropes and sacks . They had kidnapped and killed many stray dogs for dog meat which was sold at one place in Shillong where buyers from other neighbouring states would come and buy. All this was done in a very planned manner.
In Bashlur’s case, some people had invited the offenders to come and take away the dogs from their premises and poor Bashlur was one of them. The offenders proudly revealed that they killed dogs for fun and to earn an extra buck. They were not at all remorseful. The weapons were confiscated from them by the police.
However despite all efforts, Bashlur, the brave dog lost the battle for his life and gave in to the tortures of the two offenders on August 13 at around 12. 30 am. The culprits are still roaming free without any fear, probably in search of another ‘Bashlur’.
Aug 13, 2016 08:36

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