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Conrad Sangma’s Presence on Social Media, Nothing More than a Joke!

Nov 14, 2017 21:56
Conrad Sangma’s

The power of social media is well known and it can’t be denied in the era of digital technology. The ace leaders are using social media platforms to set the connection with the people of this country, the regions they belong to, to speak about their ideologies, their plans and moreover, to hear the voices of the people of their constituencies.

What if the ace leader of certain constituency fails to connect with the people through his social media platforms? Let’s talk about Conrad Sangma, the National People’s Party Chief, who has got merely 476 followers on Twitter.

NPP Chief’s Twitter Profile shows his connection with masses!

The profile says, it’s an official handle of Conrad Sangma, the NPP Chief from Tura constituency. Upon checking the profile, it got clear that most of the followers are not even the people that are rooted to the political scenario of the state, not to mention, most of the profiles are not even active (Hard to gather whom he speaks to on Twitter) and there are kids following him on Twitter (Kids might tell him about the pressure of homework being given in the school, tough task to handle).

Irrelevant profiles follow the NPP Chief.

If a leader, that is said to be technologically advanced, fails to connect with the people through social media, how would he be able to hear the problems of the people that might not be in the state, until they present themselves at the office of the leader?  While there are leaders of the state that are connecting with the issues and problems of the people through their social media profiles, there are leaders like Mr. Conrad Sangma, who can’t even convert the masses to follow him on Twitter, which might be alarming! Or the faith of the people of Meghalaya is taken into toll because there might not be two-way conversation established for the issues. Which in turn, reflects the presence of the leader on Twitter, which certainly is of no use but fashion!


When landed on the page of Mr. Conrad Sangma on Facebook, the first thing noticed is, it isn’t a page but the personal profile of Mr. Conrad Sangma.

Conrad Sangma’s Facebook Profile

so, if you want to establish a connection with the leader, you would have to send him the friend request first. This also depends on the mood of the leader whether he accepts you in his friend list or not (a good DP might work). Overall, for the sake of being on Social Media seems the perfect answer for the presence of Mr. Conrad Sangma on Twitter and Facebook, not for the sake of connectivity with the people. Because, the fact is loud and clear, to connect with the people, to know their problems, to have the insight of the people that are not living in the state, to seek the flow of organised conversation, a leader needs to make an impact on the social media platforms, which clearly doesn’t seem the task of NPP Chief Conrad Sangma!

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Nov 14, 2017 21:56

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