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Exploring the longest caves in Meghalaya

Jun 29, 2018 08:30
caves in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is not merely a state in the NorthEast India. It is a heaven for travelers, for the poets, and people who love to soak in to nature at every given opportunity.

A trip to the mountainous terrains of Meghalaya would open before your eyes, a place that is standing frozen in time. Laid back life of people, the bright colored clothes, and tribal way of life is so unlike the busy city life we have grown up in.

If you love adventure and would also love to explore for the sake of history or love for adventure, then start exploring some of the most unique caves here.

Let us check out the top five caves in Meghalaya :

Siju Caves

Siju cave (Photo Robin De)

By the Simsang River game reserve is the cave of Siju. This is one of the most important caves in Meghalaya. Filled with water for most of the times, you may find a wide variety of species of insects and bats inside this third longest cave system in India. The rich limestone deposits can be seen in these caves.

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Image Source: Shikhar Educational Tours

The Jaintia Hills trip would be incomplete without a visit to the historically significant caves of Syndai in Syndai Village. The history has it that the caves were the places where the local Garotribals used to hide themselves during war times in the past. The lore exists even now and hence, a trek into the deep caves is a must for those visiting Jaintia Hills.

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Mawsmai cave, Cherrapunji

Also known as Krem Phyllut, the caves of Mawsmai are a must visit and it remains open for public from 9 am to 4.30pm. It is located near Nohsngithiang Falls and Cherrapunji too. While the other caves might require people to crawl through the labyrinths in an uncomfortable manner, the limestone caves of Mawsmai are quite spacious. Three big halls are there, and people can walk freely inside exploring the stalactites and the walls.

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Mawsynram Cave(Photo Biplab Kumar Pal)

The cave of Mawsynram in Meghalaya is located just at a short distance of 58 kms from Shillong. The place Mawsynram is already famous for its rainfall, which makes it the wettest place in the world. The stalagmite resembling the Shiva Linga inside the cave of Mawsynram can be seen here.

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Krem Kotsati

Krem Kotsati (Photo Nigel Harris)

There is a saying locally that there are thousands of caves in Meghalaya and it is not a myth, but a fact. The abundance of hills, lakes, and the wet rainy feel makes the caves even more romantic. Ideal for the adventurous people, Krem Kotsati is indeed very enjoyable. It is typically like a wonderland, that is cut off from reality. Do not try to visit this place alone. Hire the services of a practiced guide who shall take you through. If you know swimming, then get ready in your swimming gear as you would have to cross a major portion along the entrance by swimming a river.

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Though these caves are some of the most famous ones, these are indeed very ideal for the people who love exploring beauty of a place. A visit to the other caves of Krem Soh Shympi, Krem Um lawan cave, Krem Sweep, Tetengkol-Balwakol, and Bok Bak Dobhakol will surely quench your thirst for visiting caves for a lifetime or make you urge to visit Meghalaya again!

Source: Ne Xplore

Jun 29, 2018 08:30

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