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A Mizo Food Safari

Feb 08, 2018 12:30
Food Safari

The north eastern corner of our country is not just a locale for the eyes to behold but the region has a plethora of culinary excellence as well. Something which promises to blow you away (literally!). While some culinary cultures are quite well known throughout the length and breadth of the nation, there are some others which though equally appealing, have not got their dues yet. The cuisine of the state of Mizoram is one such treasure trove waiting to be explored. Like most other parts of the north east, the cuisine of Mizoram is predominantly non vegetarian. Although that in no way means that they don’t eat vegetables! In this write-up, we take a closer look at some of the more popular dishes of the state.

Mizo non Vegetarian cuisine chiefly revolves around pork, chicken ,Mithun and fish. Smoked meat is quite a crowd favourite in the state. Bamboo shoops form a mainstay in their cuisine. Like most other north eastern styles of cooking, the use of oil is restricted to the bare minimum.

The much loved Bai

The much loved Bai. Image Courtesy: Flickr

Among the dishes of the state, a dish named ‘Bai’ is very well received. The dish primarily is an amalgamation of steamed vegetables with spinach and bamboo shoots thrown in along with one of the most popular meat forms of the north east- Pork. Local herbs are used for condiments and a special sauce is prepared using the tender and juicy pieces of the animal and mixing it with mustard. It is all mixed together and the final result is just drool-worthy.

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A decorated platter of Koal Pitha

A decorated platter of Koal Pitha. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Another dish of the state which is quite very indigenous to the state is ‘Koal Pitha’. This is nothing but banana fritters coated with rice flour, something which might seem to be very common throughout the country but the differentiating factor is that here in Mizoram, along with the humble fruit, fishes are also used! Yes, you heard it right. Though both ingredients are poles apart but the final result is something which leaves quite a lasting and pleasant aftertaste.

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Everyone’s favourite Shrimps

Everyone’s favourite Shrimps. Image Courtesy: splendidtable.org

Shrimps are a controversial lot according to me. Their nutrient and meat content, both are quite low but you need to shelve out quite a sum for even a handful of it. Anyways, the Mizos have a nice way of devouring these hydro creatures. The shrimp is mixed with coriander, onions, a few local herbs and fried. For garnish, peppercorns and lime juice is used and the dish is just perfect to spice up a summer evening.

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The Vawksa Rep

The Vawksa Rep. Image Courtesy : travelwhistle.com

Like I already mentioned, pork takes up quite an important position in the Mizo food chain. The ‘Vawksa Rep’ of Mizoram is the perfect answer to the Naga ‘Pork with bamboo shoot’ or Assam’s ‘Pork with sesame’ or Meghalaya’s ‘Pork with mustard greens’. Although all these dishes have intermixed among themselves and are quite popular in almost all north eastern states, the ‘Vawksa Rep’ has still a long way to go but that it will surely do. For the pork cooked with local herbs, greens, condiments and chillies will leave you wanting for more every single time.

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Mizo food might not be the most well-known among the north eastern variety but it surely has a lot to offer to our ever hungry appetites!

Feb 08, 2018 12:30

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