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Mizoram: ZPM(Alliance) Launches ‘Operation November’

Nov 14, 2017 11:04
Operation November

The Zoram People’s Movement(ZPM) is a political party came into existence after the alliance of some political parties and groups in the state. This alliance has announced an ‘Operation November’ that will be a campaign to strengthen the alliance.

Party counters the Congress-led state government

The newly incorporated Zoram People’s Movement(ZPM) has recently launched an Operation November campaign in the state.

The campaign is launched to enhance the party at the ground zero of the state as Mizoram will have assembly elections in 2018 last.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by many party leaders including ZPM General Secretary K Sapdanga, MPC President Lalhmangaiha Sailo, and the campaign was also attended by a well-known writer of the state, PL Liandinga.

Mr Liandinga, a writer by profession, on the occasion addressed the people gathered to be a part of the event.

During this, he expresses his concern over the poor conditions of the roads and the negligence of the government towards providing basic amenities to the people.

In his statement, he said, “Although the government attributed heavy rains to a reason for poor road condition, the actual is that the roads have been neglected for a long time”.

Adding to this, he talked about the education level of the state and accused the government for destroying the education system in the state.

He also stated that, “While education and healthcare are given top priority all over the world, it is a reverse in Mizoram, We have severely destroyed our education system to such extent that teachers have lost their pride and dignity”.

He also said that the teachers of the world received respect for being in the profession, but in Mizoram they are insulted for the same.

The other leaders of the party who took part in the campaign also delivered their words and also countered the state government for not taking the development seriously in the state.

By: Vasundhra Tewari | Source: NortheastIndia.com

Nov 14, 2017 11:04

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