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Exploring Beautiful Murlen National Park in Mizoram

Jan 12, 2016 20:02
Murlen National Park in Mizoram

For nature loving tourists exploring Mizoram, the Murlen National Park is a must see. Located adjacent to the Indo – Myanmar Border, the park is in the Champhai District of Mizoram. From capital city Aizawl- it is almost 245 kms away. The protected region, near the Chin hills is home to myriads of animals and bird species. It is also home to a variety of plant species including orchids. The park is spread over 100 Square Kilometers.

Nuances of Murlen National Park

It was given the status of a national park in 1991. One interesting aspect tourists should know about Murlen National Park is that it features very dense vegetation. This ensures only a small amount of sunlight reaches the ground, even on sunny days! That is why the park has often been compared with the Amazon Forest. One particular spot of the park is called 'Losing Area Of Seven Fellow-Men'. This spot has so dense vegetation that sunlight cannot reach here at all. Murlen is a village and so about 70 families stay within the periphery of the park.

How and when to visit

The nearby town is Rabung from which tourists can use bus to reach the park. The closest airport is Lengpui but it is not very well connected so using Shillong airport is better option. Assam’s Silchar is the nearest rail station which is about 85 km firm Aizawl. Tourists can also reach the park from Silchar by bus and rented cabs.

A lot of tourists stay at Silchar as accommodation facilities are aplenty and they hire cabs to visit the park. Alternatively, you can opt for the Inspection Hut at Rabung and Tourist Lodge of Champhai. The climate is pleasant more or less at all times. The months October to April are ideal for visiting Murlen National Park. However, in peak winter time the temperature fall can be drastic.

Exploring the natural splendor

The altitudinal variation in the park and the climate has resulted in flourishing of a variety of plant species. You will find semi evergreen forest as well as scrub jungles in the park. The major plants that you are likely to see here are Prunus Myrica, Betula Specie, Rhododendron, Canes and various orchid species. The park is also home to more than 30 Medicinal Plant Species along with a few bamboo species. Some of the trees are said to be almost 350 years old.


At Murlen National Park, the prominent wild animals are Sambar, Himalayan Black Bear, Rhesus Macaque, Barking Deer, and Malayan Giant Squirrel etc. The major birds are Peacock, Hombills, Hill Myna, Dark Rumped Swift and Kallej Pheasant. As expected, you will find plenty of colorful butterfly species here.

Things to do

It will take you more than a day to explore the beautiful national park, observe its amazing wildlife and plants. The surrounding hilly landscape is just right for photography lovers. The fact that Murlen National Park is close to some other wildlife habitats makes things easier for nature and wildlife lovers exploring the region. It is adjacent to Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary and Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jan 12, 2016 20:02

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