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Aizawl Staff Curator 184
Northeast India has a street food culture that is as vibrant as its heritage and as beautiful as its people. The food of Mizoram can be seen as a mixture of North Indian and Chinese elements. This blend gives it a unique taste and will make you...
mushalpur Assam Tribune 64
Farmers of Motipur, Bishnupur, Chaibari, Barbari and neighbouring villages under Mushalpur Subdivision in Baksa, who had never cultivated anything other than paddy and mustard, are now smelling success in tuberose cultivation. Altogether 40 farmers...
Majuli Assam Tribune 12
“By providing seeds of various crops to farmers after the sowing period is over, the State Agriculture Department has actually favoured only a few departmental officials and some middlemen. In reality, no farmer has benefited from the...
Tasty Banana Dishes
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 401
It is wrong to assume that Assamese tribes use mostly animal meat and fish types for meals. They are voracious rice eaters and the truth is they also use numerous vegetables and fruits in their cuisine. They use bananas a lot in their dishes. In...

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