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Guwahati Staff Curator 278
Assam is a northeastern state, the climate, and way of life of the people here is quite different to the rest of India. However, the cuisines are very similar to the neighboring north-eastern states. Here the cuisines roasted more and used commonly...
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 129
Assamese tribes make use of various natural ingredients in cuisine. These include some uncommon and rarely used plants and herbs. They also use indigenous vegetables like Colocasia (called Cosu) in their meals. With the stems and leaves of this...
Breakfast Dishes & Pork Recipes
Guwahati Staff Curator 373
Assamese cuisine is absolutely enthralling and the diversity is also noteworthy. They use ingredients like rice, bamboo shoot, animal meat and regional spices to cook various tasty dishes. Along with chicken, fish ...
Imphal Staff Curator 62
Yubi Lakpi is a type of contact sport played with a coconut. The sport originated in Manipur in India, and is currently the only place where it is played. The name when literally translated means coconut snatching. “Perhaps this was the root...
Gangtok Arnab Ghosh 583
Sikkim, the beautiful hilly state, located in north eastern India, is a prime tourist destination. The tourists love exploring its biodiversity zones, vast mountain range, green valleys and exemplary cuisine. In Sikkim, some indigenous fruits and...
Uruka Feast Dishes
Guwahati Sumit Das 359
These days there’s a different kind of vibe flowing around in the atmosphere of Assam. There’s a buzz which can be felt at every nook and corner of the state. Yes, you guessed it right! Bhogali or Magh Bihu is here and it brings forth a...
Bottle Gourd
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 522
Assamese cuisine is loved for its diversity and uniqueness. Along with various types of meat, fish and herbs, the tribes also make use of various vegetables to make mouthwatering dishes. They use vegetables like Bottle gourd to make yummy dishes....
Muslim Food
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 383
Assam is a north eastern state that is known for its diversity and amalgamation of culture. Since ancient ages, people of various religious faiths have lived in the hilly state and the culture has soaked in elements of those tribes and sects....
Ou Tenga, Recipes
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 2,454
Assamese cuisine is unlike what you experience in the rest of India, to say the least. The diversity and rage of flavors in Assamese dishes can be amazing. What seems most intriguing to others is the way Assamese tribes make use of rarely used...
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 994
In Assam, a number of indigenous tribes co-exist while adhering to their cultural nuances and traditions. From festivals and cuisine, these tribes maintain their unique norms over the years.  The Dimasa Kachari tribe is among the most important...
Starfruit Dishes
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 427
Assamese cuisine is beyond doubt enticing and it is full of diversity too. The tribes of Assam make use of numerous indigenous herbs, spices, produce and fish to make mouth watering recipes. Some regional fruits are also used by them in this regard...
Bodo Recipes
Guwahati Arnab Ghosh 3,954
The tribes of Assam usually adhere to their traditional culture, lifestyle and culinary techniques. The invasion of modernity and exposure to western civilization has not really made drastic changes in their life. The Bodo Kacharis are among major...


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