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Nagaland coffee to add aroma to Gulf Barista Championship in Dubai

Dec 04, 2017 19:06
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Wake up and smell the coffee. For Naga Coffee Pvt Ltd director, Pieter Vermeulen, who is currently on a visit to the State, this could well be the mission statement of his life as plans to take the coffee to the Gulf Barista Championship in Dubai on December 8 to 9.

With a major part of the Himalayan region considered ideal for coffee plantation, Nagaland’s climatic condition is also found to be perfect for the same and the state’s potential for exporting coffee to South Africa and European countries, if taken up seriously, is very high.

Speaking to Nagaland Post on Sunday evening at the coffee stall set up by Department of Land Resource at the Hornbill Festival venue, Pieter Vermeulen said he had taken local coffee samples to coffee festivals in New York, Dubai, Cape Town and United Kingdom.

He added that the feedback from other countries had been very positive. He said Nagaland coffee was on  huge demand due to its aroma and flavour.

He regretted that a three tonne shipment of Nagaland coffee, which was supposed to be transported to Cape Town, was stuck in Kolkata due to some new rules under Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Vermeulen said he was happy to learn that guests at the festival were enjoying the new type of coffee adding that marketing was better this season than in the previous years as the company had already used more than 40 kg of roasted coffee.

He informed that his organization is excited to secure a source and assist the state in growing and taking its coffee to the world.

He is enthusiastic that Nagaland has basic infrastructure and villages in different districts are connected with pliable roads, the state has natural fertile soil and ideal climatic condition for large scale coffee production, and he maintains that the people should take advantage of these assets.

Pieter views that the biggest challenge will be to teach the people to appreciate coffee before they take out their production to the global market.

About Barista Championship

The Barista Championship, organised by the World Barista Championship based in the US, is basically a competition that promotes coffee but with an accent on its speedy and stylish preparation.

The sleight of hand that baristas perform as they froth up your cappuccino is as much a practised art as it is a wilful passion. Although there is a pure science to the making of a cup of coffee there is also an artistic flavour to each cup that is mostly driven by the inclinations of a barista.

An excellent and efficient barista is one who is prepared to practise the technique of making coffee to the point where every cup he makes is of the same excellent consistency, taste and flavour and in the time that is allocated for it.

Mainly, a good barista should have a passion for coffee and for how it works.

This passion naturally then can be ‘tasted’ in the coffee. The championship asks the participants to prepare 12 good-tasting coffees using the correct procedure in 15 minutes. The main rule being the 12 drinks have to be made within 15 minutes.

Time is allotted up to 16 minutes, but points are lost per extra second taken. If the contestant takes more than 16 minutes, he or she is disqualified.

The 12 drinks are broken up into: four cappuccinos, four espressos and the four signature drinks of a barista.

Coffee competitions are an extremely interesting phenomenon. Nobody usually observes the minute technical details in its preparation. Although the coffee is mainly judged by its taste, the procedure that goes into making it can be a spectacle in itself.

The creamy white milk flowing into the cup, the fresh ground coffee settling in the glass, the bubbling water and coffee that simmers down during siphoning... all this builds up an astounding picture of science and art at work when crafting a cup of coffee.

Image source: Nagaland Post

Dec 04, 2017 19:06

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