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State spent Rs 650 crore in 2017 on procurement of sub-standard meat

Jan 07, 2018 04:43

Nagaland spent around Rs 650 crore during 2017 for import of live meat from outside the state but which were mostly of sub-standard quality which indicated that there is a huge market for meat and allied products in the state.

Nagaland spent around Rs 650 crore during 2017 for import of live meat from outside the state but which were mostly of sub-standard quality which indicated that there is a huge market for meat and allied products in the state.

The huge import bill on meat which had been stated in the past was echoed by Secretary, Finance and Land Resources departments, Y. Kikheto Sema who was speaking as guest of honour at the valedictory session of the silver jubilee celebration of the Niuland Area Students’ Union hosted by Kuhoxu Kiphimi Küqhakulu Friday.

While propounding livestock and poultry business, Kikheto urged the educated unemployed youths to take up piggery, poultry, dairy and goat farming in hygienic ways to ensure quality meat was provided to the people and enable circulation of money within the local community.

He also encouraged students to explore taking up cultivation of cash crops like rubber, tea and coffee for economic progress as Nagaland had huge potential to boost its economy and generate employment for young people through these.

Highlighting the potential of rubber plantation in Nagaland, Kikheto said out of 70 lakh standing trees, 16 lakh trees had already been harvested, yielding nearly Rs. 103 crore in rural areas in 2016-17.

On tea plantation, he said it would not be feasible to set up tea factories in Nagaland as neighbouring Assam was the biggest tea growing State. He however opined that tea growers could send tea leaves in bulk to factories in Assam for processing in order to generate more income.

Sema said Nagaland’s coffee was considered one of the best in the world at present and added that, since production was low in African countries due to climatic changes, the State government had tied up with South African government for trading coffee for the next 30 years. Keeping in mind the huge potential, he said the Land Resources department had proposed to bring 50,000 hectares of land under coffee plantation, with 2,000 hectares in 2017-18.

Kikheto said this would provide employment opportunities to 4,000 persons per year at the rate of two persons per hectare. He pointed out that as coffee was harvested every four years, this would continue for 40 to 50 years and that taking up its plantation would thus ensure economic development for four to five decades.

Referring to the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA), Kikheto said legislators had been in conflict from the beginning and that time had come for people to rethink and decide their future.

On illegal immigrant issue, Kikheto suggested that, instead of making a hue and cry, Nagas should take up entrepreneurship and throw the illegal immigrants out of business stating that it was due to a general abhorrence towards hard labour in Naga society that made room for them to come in and become a menace.

Acknowledging clean election campaign spearheaded by Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), Kikheto said the campaign should not only be confided to state Assembly polls but implemented in all elections– in electing office bearers to the church, NGOs, Municipal bodies, students’ unions, etc.

Sharing his experience while being on official duty to other states of India as Election Observer, Kikheto remarked that the election process in Nagaland was worst and needed to undergo a complete change.

Supporting the resolution passed in the NLA, he also opined that Nagas from all walks of life should appeal to Government of India to give peace a chance by withholding the Assembly election and pave way for political solution to the decades-long Naga conflict.

On the silver jubilee celebration of Niuland Area Students’ Union, Kikheto said it was an occasion to “cherish the past and claim the future”.

Sema acknowledged the pioneers of the students’ body who were still alive and lauded their contributions towards the betterment of students of the area.

He regretted that despite many jubilee celebrations marked by pomp and gaiety, Nagas forgot the main purpose of “forgiving and forgetting, in letter and in spirit”. He said many unsettled and pending cases of conflict within the society, church, political parties, factions, tribes, areas, clans, khels, etc, had defeated the very purpose of celebrating jubilees.

Kikheto appealed to students to clean their minds and celebrate jubilees in letter and spirit by forgiving and forgetting all conflicts and start anew.

He also said that buying new clothes, new car, smartphones or gadgets and pursuit of easy money did not qualify as progress or improvement and reminded the youth of the struggle of their parents to give them quality education.

Kikheto also advocated developing the “work and eat” culture and make the most of the abundance provided by the nature to ensure that the local economy was developed and money circulated among Nagas.


Source: KOHIMA|Nagaland

Jan 07, 2018 04:43

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