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Exploring Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaland

Sep 16, 2016 20:01

In the hilly, northeastern state of Nagaland, you can find several wildlife zones as well as biodiversity hotspots. These areas are known for their range of enticing wildlife and diverse vegetation. Better conservation efforts are needed to protect the bird, reptile and animal species in such regions.  One prominent example of this is Nagaland’s Intanki Wildlife sanctuary. About 37 kms away from Dimapur, the sanctuary is home to some of the rare and endangered animal and bird species found in the country.

History and nuances of Intanki Wildlife sanctuary

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The origin of the present Intanki Wildlife sanctuary can be traced back to the 1920s. It was in 1921, the DC of the Naga Hills in British ruled India, J. H. Hutton proposed formation of a Reserve Forest. This led to formation of the Intanki reserve forest. In 1933, the sanctuary was given the status of a National Park and in 1975, it as declared a wildlife sanctuary. Much later, in 2005, the sanctuary was also made an elephant reserve.

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The sanctuary is located in Nagaland’s Peren district and covers an area of approx 202 square kilometers. It is maintained by the Forest Wildlife Department. Its thick and diverse vegetation has made the place home to several entice species of birds, reptiles and mammals. The diversity and abundance of wildlife however has also attracted humans, leading to poaching, destruction of biodiversity and increased threat to the rare species living in the region. The sanctuary is adjacent to Dhansari Reserve Forest of Assam, and the animals use the adjoining area as natural corridor.

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When and how to visit

The ideal time to visit Intanki Wildlife sanctuary is the winter months and the onset of spring. The best way to reach the area is by taking a cab from Dimapur. Dimapur has a rail station and an airport too. Buses also ply through the route. NH 39 links Nagaland with Guwahati and rest of India. The tourists coming to this sanctuary can stay at the PWD Inspection Bunglow and Circuit House.

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Landscape and flora and fauna

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The landscape of Intanki Wildlife sanctuary is lush green with semi tropical trees fond in abundance. The terrain is mostly hilly. Its cliffs and valleys are ideal for trekking and adventure loving visitors. The thick rain forests make the park suitable for various species of birds, mammals, reptiles. Various types of bamboos are seen here along with palm trees.

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 The major wildlife species seen here are Hoolock gibbon, elephants, Palm civets, Golden langur, Barking deer, Wild dogs, Monitor lizard and Flying squirrel. Incidentally, Intanki is thought to be one of the very few natural habitats for the Hoolock Gibbons, the sole Gibbon species in India. The major bird spices found here include various types of hornbills, pheasants and Black stork.

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Threatened biodiversity and conservation efforts

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As is case with any wildlife zone in India, the sanctuary has been affected by increased human invasion in its territory. Acts of poaching, cutting of trees has affected the rich biodiversity of the sanctuary adversely, making nature lovers and wildlife activists vocal about more conservation efforts. The population of rare and endangered species like stump tail macaques, the great hornbill, and hoolock gibbons has reduced over the decades. While Forest acts have been made robust to thwart such activities threatening sustenance of wildlife, the acts of illegal timber felling and hunting have not come to a halt at Intanki.

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Sep 16, 2016 20:01

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