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Nagaland: 6 myths & legends of the Dzukou Valley

Oct 04, 2016 18:06
Dzukou Valley

Myths and legends about the Dzukou valley have long existed and have been passing down to the younger generations  as part of the region’s culture since time immemorial. So here are 6 common myths and legends of the Dzukou Valley.

1. The stream that flows through the valley is said to have healing effects. The water is crystal clear, pure and completely free from pollution of any sort that one can drink from the stream to purify the body.


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2. Legend has it that there is a secret dense forest behind the valley where all kinds of animals exist. The people living near the valley do not disclose this to anyone lest they hunt down the animals.


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3. Apparently there is a beautiful female spirit who lives there and takes a live male every year.  So men who visit the Dzukou and suddenly fall sick while there are often told to leave immediately.


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4. It is also said that White elephants roam around the expanse of the valley and only few people have witnessed it.


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5. The name ‘Dzu-kou’ means cold waters. It is called so because the valley is so cold that those who visit are chilled to the soul. An old folklore also says that while their ancestors were looking for a suitable place to establish a village, a young scout was sent for this duty. He found the valley but it was too cold, uninhabited, nothing edible grew and there were no trees in the vicinity. It was initially called Phephu but the name changed to Dzukou.


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6. The ancients believed that the spirits of departed people traveled along the banks of the river Kezo L on their journey to the spirit world. Kezo L means ‘Dark River’ as the water is dark, clear and cold. Few people venture to the forest of Kezol due to its dense jungle, remoteness, formidable wild beasts and above all, association with spirits.


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Oct 04, 2016 18:06

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