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Reasons Why Mizoram Can Be Your Next Travel Destination

Apr 11, 2016 23:04
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Mizoram is among the northeastern states in India surrounded by hills, replete with amazing natural wealth and serenity. The ancient caves, beautiful lakes, verdant forest and warmth of tribes make it an enticing destination for travel. Many regions in the state remain far less explored compared to places in adjacent states. So, by choosing to travel Mizoram, you get the chance of enjoying serenity of nature, experiencing lifestyle of tribes, soaking in the bliss of rustic life. There are plenty of scopes for trekking and hiking which will satiate the adventurous lot as well. Whether you are laid back type of a person or want to experience nature up close, Mizoram has something for you.

Experiencing the places of awesome natural beauty

murlen national park - tiger

For nature and wildlife lovers, Mizoram provides plenty of attractions and reasons for a visit!

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The beautiful Tam Dil( Lake of Mustard Plants) and Palak Lake are two major attractions for visitors. The later is encircled by dense forest and variety of wildlife can be found there. The man made Riungdil Lake is also worth a visit.

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Wildlife areas

The wildlife lovers can head to the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram. The former sanctuary is home to animals like Hoolock Gibbon, Himalayan Serow, Wild Boar and Barking Deer. The latter is the state’s largest Wildlife Sanctuary and has animals like Himalayan black bear, Gaur along with tigers. Dampa is also loved by bird watching lovers. Another favorite destination of wildlife lovers is the beautiful Murlen National Park.

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The beautiful Vantawang Falls is Mizoram’s major waterfalls that attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Located in Mizoram’s Thenzawl, this waterfall generates from Vanva River and falls from a height of 229 meters. The bamboo groves and rocky terrains surrounding the falls enhance the beauty.

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Mizoram has some ancient caves that are a thrill to watch and hundreds of years of history are associated with the regions. The largest cave of the state is Pukzing Cave, located in Aizwal district. The Milu Puk cave is another destination as is the Lamsial Puk.



The capital city of Aizawl is a major tourist destination in Mizoram. Other places that are thronged by tourists include Lunglei and Thenjawl. In Aizawl, the landscape is fascinating and tranquil with plenty of church buildings hogging attention. The Mizoram State Museum is another must visit destination for tourists seeking insight into culture and heritage of the state. Champai is ideal for a weekend getaway where you can watch the lovely rhododendrons standing tall against backdrop of serene and vast hills. To observe how traditional Mizo people cling to their ancient ways of life, Ruantlang village is where you should head to. Those seeking a sneak peek into amazing flora and fauna along with breathtaking natural beauty should opt for Lunglei city.

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The major sightseeing options include a number of stone and rock carvings- mostly related with legendary love of couples. Sibuta Lung, a memorial stone at Tachhip village has a story of jilted love associated with it. Another such stone emblem of love story is the Phulpui grave. Memorial of Chhingpui was built to immortalize short lived love story of hill beauty Chhingpui and her lover Kaptuanga.

Activities for adventure loving tourists

Activities for adventure loving tourists

Adventure loving tourists will not feel bored while touring Mizoram. The mountainous zones are nothing short of trekker's paradise. The beautiful and serene Phawngpui Mountain, located close to Myanmar border, is the ideal spot for trekking. You may also go for para gliding. For bike trekking, you can head to Hmuifang Hill. The Champai district is also preferred a lot by trekking enthusiasts. However, for trekking expeditions you need to obtain special permits. In Tamdil Lake, you can resort to both boating and angling.

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Soaking in culture and experiencing regional festivals

Soaking in culture and experiencing regional festivals

The attraction of Mizoram for tourists is not really limited to the natural sights and wildlife! The ancestors of Mizo tribes have their origins in China, as historians and anthropologists believe. They settled in present day Mizoram through century long migration wave which began presumably in the 16th century. Despite the differences between various tribes, the unity is remarkable and the tribes also adhere to their ancient customs and rituals. The conversion to Christianity has not affected their love or traditions much. For tourists, observing the ancient rituals and customs of Mizo tribes can be an enthralling experience.

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The Festivals of Mizoram can be quite fascinating to observe. They resort to various types of dances and songs during these events. They make use of traditional singing equipments. The tribes also wear their traditional colorful attire while celebrating such events and festivals. Cheraw (bamboo dance), Chheihlam and Khul Lam are two of their popular dance forms. Most of the festivals are centered around agricultural themes.

The festivals are called ‘kut’ in their language. Chapchur Kut is the festival celebrated in Spring. Another significant festival of Mizoram is Thalfavung Kut. For tourists, Anthurium Festival held for three days is a major attraction.

Savoring the simple yet alluring cuisine

Savoring the simple yet alluring cuisine

The cuisine of Mizoram, while influenced by neighboring states is not exactly much tangy or fiery tasting! The meals are not much spicy and Mizo people resort to boiling and steaming over other cooking methods. They do not use much oil and neither are they very fond of sweet dishes. They make various meat and vegetarian dishes and rice is also a staple in the cuisine. As per their traditions, foods are mostly served in banana leaves. The popular dishes are Chhum Han, Vawksa Rep, Misa Mach Poora, Sawchair and Bai.

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Exploring shopping options

Exploring shopping options


While enjoying your tour in Mizoram, you may opt for shopping as well. Buy the traditional handicrafts as souvenirs for friends and family. The villagers make and sell wonderfully designed handicrafts. You can buy from a wide range of cane and bamboo products here and traditional Mizo dress. Bamboo baskets, utensils and hats sold here are both durable and aesthetic. Aizawl’s Bara Bazaar and Millennium Centre mall are two major destinations for shopping. Another popular shopping location in the state is Solomon’s cave. 

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Apr 11, 2016 23:04

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