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Fast food/Appetizers from NE India

Aug 10, 2016 19:59
Fast food

Northeast Indian cuisine provides in-depth insights into the culinary habits and traditions of the NE where the use of fresh veggies, herbs and indigenous spices are made to play a major role in imparting the dishes with a fresh zesty flavor and typical taste that’s similar to the cuisines of the Chinese and Tibetan neighbors. Whether it’s an appetizer or a full course meal from the Northeast that you taste, the simpler culinary styles, use of minimal oil, mildest spices and seasonal ingredients make the NE Indian foods one-of-a-kind. NE has everything to offer to your platter. The fast foods and appetizers from NE India are not only delicious in taste but also high in nutritional values when compared to their counterparts in the other parts of the country.

Here are some of the top fast foods/appetizers for NE India listed below-

Fried Soya beans from Tripura


Fried soya beans are a delicious appetizer that has its origin in the land of Tripura. These crispy soya beans deep fried in mustard oil and garnished with fried red chilies and golden brown fried onions not only look great but also taste great. To prepare this Northeast Indian appetizer, both whole soya beans and sprouted soya beans can be used.

Fried Climbing Perch


Fried climbing perch are deep fried Kawai fish fried in mustard oil after being sprinkled with salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder. Fried climbing perch can make a wonderful crispy finger food and can taste great as an evening snack.



Thukpa is a delicious noodle-based soup relished voraciously all across NE India. Thukpa usually makes use of lots of fresh veggies and meat sunken in noodles soup. The fresh flavoring agents and light spices make Thukpa a refreshing appetizer from Northeast India

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Khorika Maas


Khorika Maas is traditionally grilled fresh fish that can appease your taste buds most wonderfully. This is often served with the party tangy and partly spicy bamboo shoot chutney and is indeed a true gastronomical delight

Deep-fried Egg plant


Deep fried egg plant is a yummy, crispy Northeast Indian snack that can be enjoyed with tea and coffee and feels heavenly indeed. To prepare this snack, one has to deep fry thinly sliced egg plant coated with a batter of rice flour and gram flour.



Laksa is a mouthwatering noodles soup that offers one with a roller coaster of flavors and tastes. It is spicy, aromatic and sour all at the same time. Laska is a noodle soup consisting in fishes. The spicy gravy and flavored noodles in a fuming hot Laska will indeed set your taste buds racing and will make your evenings very special

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Momos are a yummy appetizer from NE India having their origin in Sikkim. The popularity of momos has spread like wild fire and today there’s hardly a single corner of the country that is not acquainted with this delicious fast food from the NE. Momos are actually flour dumplings stuffed with varied items such as cheese, veggies, tofu, meat. One can get fried momos, steamed versions and even momo soups. The sauces and condiments served with momos make them all the more palate pampering

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Grilled shrimps


Grilled shrimps are a delicious fast food from NE India also often known as ‘Misa Maas Poora’. The shrimps are marinated with local sauces and uniquely flavored with the local indigenous spices. The tasty, crispy shrimps indeed make a soul comforting fast food from the NE

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Bamboo shoot fry


Bamboo shoot fry are crispy shoots high in nutritional value and irresistible in taste. These fried shoots can aptly titillate your taste buds and energize your body from within with its wholesome supply of carbohydrate, fiber and potassium. Bamboo shoots fry make a tasty appetizer/fast food from NE India

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Aug 10, 2016 19:59

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