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Yummy Jackfruit Recipes from Assam

Sep 12, 2016 20:28

Assamese cuisine is awesome and quite diverse in nature. The people in Assam make use of a wide range of animal meats, vegetables and regional spices to make awesome dishes. They often make use of ingredients not used much elsewhere for cooking. The jackfruit dishes of Assam are good examples of this. These recipes can make your taste buds enticed.

Here are some amazing Jackfruit dishes from Assam:

Musi Kathalor sabzi

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This is Assamese style jackfruit curry that goes well with rice. You will need raw jackfruit cubes of 2 cups. Other ingredients are cubed potato, chopped onion, ginger garlic paste, chili, mustard oil, sugar and salt. Required spices are Turmeric powder, cumin seeds and powder, red chili powder, Bay leaves and garam masala.

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The potatoes and jack fruit pieces should be boiled in water first. Then heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. Add bay leaves, red chili, chopped onion and ginger garlic paste. A few minutes later, add the boiled potatoes and jackfruit pieces. Then add the cumin powder, red chili powder, sugar, salt and turmeric. Add some water and cook until everything is tender. Then add garam masala and cook for a minute. Serve it hot with rice.

Masoor dailot diya kothalor gooti

The lentil with seeds of Jackfruit tastes awesome. You have to remove outer white skin of the seeds. The other ingredients are half a cup of split red lentils, chopped tomato, ginger garlic paste, salt, turmeric powder and chopped fresh coriander.

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At first, you need to boil the jackfruit seeds with lentil in enough water. Add salt and ginger garlic paste to this mixture too. The lentil should be half cooked and the froth collected on top of water should be strained. Now, add the tomatoes till the lentil is cooked well. Do not add much water to the dish. Add the turmeric, salt and then coriander leaves. Simmer for a while and serve hot with rice.

Kothal gutir pitika

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This goes as an excellent side dish with rice and daal. You will need a handful of washed and dried Jackfruit Seeds, Salt, Green Chilies, and Mustard Oil, a spoon of raw or fermented Bamboo Shoot.

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At first, the outer layer of seeds should be peeled off. Peel off the brown layer after soaking these seeds in warm water. Boil the peeled seeds in a pressure cooker with water. Then drain the water. Now, mix the seeds with all ingredients and mash well using a ladle or hands. You may also add finely chopped onions to this dish.

Tioh aru kothalgutir khar

This recipe is made mostly with Jackfruit seeds and cucumber. You will need 2 cucumbers, a cup of peeled and cut jack fruit seeds. Other ingredients are soda bi-carb (half spoon), green chilly, 4 garlic pods, Mustard Oil and salt. The cucumbers should be cut into small and thin pieces.

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At first, you need to fry the green chilies and garlic in oil on low heat. Then, add the jack fruit seeds and cucumber pieces. Stir fry for a few minutes and then add the soda bi-carb to it. Add some water and cook until everything gets pulpy. Mash the mixture a bit before removing from flame. Sprinkle a small amount of mustard oil on the dish. It can be served with rice.

Sep 12, 2016 20:28

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