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Shopping guide for Tourists in Aizawl

Dec 30, 2017 13:00
Shopping guide

Mizoram’s capital city Aizawl is somewhat like a beautiful citadel placed on gorgeous ridges, surrounded by lush greenery and vast mountains. Often deemed as an ideal destination for tourists in Northeast India seeking a serene place amidst lap of nature, Aizawl has other attractions too. Along with exploring the heritage of tribes living here, you get plenty of shopping opportunities in the city and buy enticing souvenirs.

Nuances of shopping in Aizawl

Bara bazar at Aizawl: One stop shopping zone for tourists. Image Courtesy:

Unlike the bustling cities in adjacent states of north East India, Aizawl has a relaxed and laid back ambiance. You can feel that while shopping in the city too. You may take a leisurely stroll and explore the shops and there are no touts or unruly crowd to cope with.

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Major shopping zones in Aizawl

The Mizo traditional attire is a major draw for tourists. Image Courtesy:

Located in center of the city, Bara Bazaar of Aizawl is a must visit for shopping addicted visitors! The market is large as well as colorful. From locally grown vegetables to clothes and handicrafts, you can buy literally anything here. It gets a bit more crowded on Saturdays and resembles a fair.

The mall in Bara Bazaar named Millenium Centre is also a destination for shopping lovers. The large three storey building has more than 300 shops and it remains crowded most of the times. Apart from buyers, a lot of locals especially youngsters are seen hanging around here.

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Another popular shopping destination in Aizawl is Solomon’s Cave, which is situated in Zodin Square. It is however frequented more by the locals than tourists.

Other areas in Aizawl that are ideal for shopping include Thakthing Bazaar, Ritz market and Lalbuaia Shopping Complex. The Luangmual Handicrafts Centre is also another popular choice. Zarkawt Road is where you get the experience of street shopping and tasting delicious local dishes at the same place.

Things to buy in Aizawl

A shop at Aizawl’s Millennium Center. Image Courtesy:

You will be spoilt for choice when shopping in Aizawl- given the abundance of choices.

Attire - The exquisite shawls made by local tribal women are ideal for buying as gifts. The craftsmanship can leave you stunned. You can also buy Paun- a type of skirt worn by Mizo women which looks enticing.

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Accessories and handicrafts- The ceremonial Mizo bamboo hat –called Khembeu is a favorite with tourists. It is made using wild Hnathial leaves which is waterproof. For buying handicrafts, your best choices are State Government and Handloom Emporium and Luangmual Handicrafts Centre. You can pick from wide range of bamboo and cane based stuffs including bags, hats, wicker baskets etc. You can find various sized baskets- with and without lids. For buying lower priced handicrafts stuffs, you can visit Hnam Chhantu Pawl, run by an NGO.

Other stuffs- In Solomon’s Cave, you will find a huge range of imported garments, branded attire, electronic gadgets and cosmetics products.

Dec 30, 2017 13:00

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