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14 Ridiculously Insane Instagram Handles You Should Follow To Capture The Beauty Of Northeast India

Dec 23, 2017 14:30
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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine. Travelling is all about exploring unknown places, becoming familiar with people who do not share your food habits or your culture. Traveling opens the windows of the world to show what a beautiful place we live in and the variety of landscapes there are. People, culture, food and nature all combine to give an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. India is a vast and geographically vibrant country with sands, seas, mountains and everything in between. There is hardly another country such as India where you can find all types of Nature’s delight. But if you are a mountain-lover and are keen to explore them, the North East India is probably the second best option to exploring the Himalayas. Before you really step out and see all the grandeur with your own eyes, feast yourself by checking out these super cool Instagram handles that are post some awesome, breath-taking pictures of the region.

1. Where is Northeast - @northeast_india

With nearly 50K followers, this is one of the best photography journals on Instagram that showcases the life and places of the region beautifully.

2. Ankush Saikia - @ankushsaikia

The bestselling English author from Northeast also maintains a prolific Instagram handle where you can check out some amazing photographs of the region.

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3. Delhi Wanderer - @delhiwanderer

This Insta handle claims to capture different colours of India and does so brilliantly. Of the 94 posts, quite a few are from the region.

4. Himalayan Geographic - @Himalayangeographic

With 98K followers, this is one of those Insta handles where you will find some breathtaking images of the Himalayan region. There are numerous photos of Sikkim posted here.

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5. Biju Rahman - @onlooker_frames

A solo traveller, Biju Rahman has a colourful display on his Instagram handle where amazing pictures of his journey in the region are captured. Right now, he has posted more than 300 pictures.

6. @everchanginghorizonexplore

From images of snow-capped mountains to forest trails and starry nights, here is an Instagram handle that showcases the untouched beauty of NE. It is followed by 10K people.

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7. Vivek Gogoi @veevekkukoi

The "Wanderer, Shutterbug, Endemic Foodie" has about 400 followers and posts mostly of places centered around Guwahati. Roadtrips to Meghalaya feature quite often.

8. Andy Pariat @andypariat

Mesmerizing images of Meghalaya, the place this photographer calls home fill his Instagram. Playing with shutter speed, exposure and depth of field, here is a handle where you will see a different side of the state.

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9. Discover Meghalaya @discovermeghalaya

An amazing place to know about all the uncommon places of Meghalaya, the state otherwise only known for Shillong and Cherrapunji. With almost 10K followers, this is a beautiful palette of colors.

10. Prakriti Varshney @itisinthename

A solo Indian girl backpacker, Prakriti travels across the country and features interesting images from her visits. Recently she was in North East and posted some amazing shots. She is followed by 10K people.

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11. Arpan Uzir @arpanuzir

From black and white shots of natural beauties to colorful images of Ladakh, you will find lots of interesting pictures here. Of the 200 posts, several are from the region.

12. reviewNE @reviewne

ReviewNE is the Instagram handle of the website with the same name. As a travel startup, it features gorgeous pictures of the region and calls itself the “daily dose of North East awesomeness”.

13. Manu Rajashekar @girl_on_adventures

A traveller and a backpacker, Manu Rajashekar chronicles her travels in her Instagram page. Her visit to the North East was beautifully documented.

14. Kinkar Twiprasa  @vet_borok

The veterinarian from Aizawl has some nice pictures of the region, especially of places in and around Aizawl.

Dec 23, 2017 14:30

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