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Indigenous Desserts of Northeast India

Dec 29, 2017 16:30

We Indians swear by ‘Atithi Deva Bhava’ or that Guests are God. The entire country has one way or the other to make their guests feel at home. While Salman uses swag to welcome people (one of his recent songs says so!), we common lot stick to our traditional sweets for the same. The north eastern part of our country is no different. The north east has its own set of desserts to walk through the hearts of its visitors. Herein, we take a look at some of the more popular indigenous desserts of the region.


The small but mighty ‘Laru’ | Image Courtesy: pinterest

This unputdownable sweet has cousins all around the country. Whether you it Laddoo in north India, Naru in West Bengal or narikolorlaru here in Assam, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that it is one of the most loved festive sweets through the state of Assam. It is made by scrapping the coconut flesh from its shell, mixing it with either sugar or molasses (gur) and lightly frying it. It is then shaped into small spherical balls resulting in what we call small dollops of joy.

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A dish of ‘Chakhaokheer’ | Image Courtesy:

Kheer no matter which part of the country it belongs to, tastes amazing! But this kheer not just tastes good but is a treat to the eyes as well. Yes, I am talking about the famous Manipuri Chak-hao rice kheer. ChakHao is an aromatic black rice from the state of Manipur which turns purple when cooked. Also known as the ‘Forbidden Rice’, this brand of rice is high in nutrition content and the porridge cooked with it adds a whole new strata of flavour to your palate.

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The king of all desserts- Payokh or Payesh | Image Courtesy: milkmaid

Continuing the discussion on Kheer, another variant of the popular pan Indian dessert finds the pride of place in the kitchens of Assam. The Assamese ‘Payokh’ is very similar to the ‘Payesh’ of  West Bengal. This sweet dish along with the ever so popular ‘Pitha’ has become the very symbol of Assamese hospitality. Cooked with mostly the ‘joha’ variety of rice with generous portions of sugar and milk thrown in, this rice based porridge is a hot favourite during Assamese festivals.

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Twisted yet tasty Khapses | Image Courtesy:

Khapse is a sort of fried biscuit that arguably has its origin in Tibet. But the sweet savoury has found quite a large fan following in Arunachal Pradesh so much so that it has become as much an Arunachali snack as it is Tibetan. Red millet is used to make its dough which is much more nutritious than the regular brand of flour that we use. The dough is then sliced into thin stripes and then fried in oil. Its now ready to munch upon.

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Awan Bangwi | Image Courtesy:

The state of Tripura is not at all behind when it comes to delectable savoury sweets. Awan Bangwi is a rice based dessert that is indigenous to the people of the state.It is a steamed delicacy so the health factor is taken care of as well. The rice is ground and mixed with cashews and raisins. The mixture is then formed into a cone and steamed. The result is a treat to savour for those with a sweet tooth. 

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Dec 29, 2017 16:30

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