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Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary- Nagaland’s Treasured Jewel

Jan 18, 2018 11:58

The north eastern part of our country is blessed with such pristine beauty that one can only marvel at the sights the land has to offer. The physiography, the flora and the fauna of this corner of the country has a charm which is unparalleled no matter where you go. Talking specifically about the state of Nagaland, the place like its other north eastern counterparts is very rich in biodiversity. The state has quite a few sites that promise to leave you spellbound. The Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary is one of those. Situated close to the Indo-Myanmar border in the Pungro circle headquarter , the sanctuary is a place that is difficult to give the miss if you are in the state. Let us take a quick tour of the park and check out what the place has to offer.

A Barking Deer striking a pose

A Barking Deer striking a pose. Image Courtesy: leggypeggy.com

Having said that, first you need to plan out your visit to the place. If you are one for the road, you can easily reach the sanctuary from state capital, Kohima which again is well linked to Guwahati, the biggest city of the north east via NH 39. But if you are one of those for whom an adventure is incomplete without that customary train journey, you will be left disappointed as the state is not very well connected by rails and the closest railway station to the sanctuary is in Dimapur.

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A Bear at the Sanctuary

A Bear at the Sanctuary. Image Courtesy: tourmyindia.com

Once you are there and have found yourself a nice, cosy place to settle in, the only thing you are left to do is explore the unexplored and trust me, the sanctuary will present you with a host of matter to uncover!

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A Slender Loris gazing on with its shiny eyes

A Slender Loris gazing on with its shiny eyes. image Courtesy: WWF India

The sanctuary, with an area of 642 hectares- is a treasure chest of geographically mesmerizing features coupled with a wide variety of flora and fauna to fill not just your hearts but your data cards as well (make sure you take quite a high capacity one!). The region is physiologically a mixed bag for it is marked by hills, gorges, ridges, valleys and dense undergrowth. This diversity in physiology leaves its mark on the vegetation of the sanctuary as well. A marked variety of trees, herbs and shrubs are found in the region.

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The tropical and sub-tropical forests of the sanctuary is home to trees like Bonsum, Bogipoma, Pine, Oaks, Gamari, Hollock, Nahor, Uriam, Alder, Sasi among others. Undergrowth of these forests house a massive variety of herbs and ferns. Heavy rainfall comes in as a boon for the sanctuary as it eventually results in a good variety of orchids in the region. Popular among them is the Rhododendrous. Cane bamboo is another important variety of plant which has quite a few uses in general terms. Now talking about the wildlife of the sanctuary, just like its wide palate in terms of flora, the fauna department too has quite a few attractions. Among them, the Hoolock Gibbon, panther, jungle cat, Himalayan Bear, Bison, Sambar, Barking deer, Slender Loris and the wild Boar are some of the species that generate massive interest among the visitors. Not just animals, the sanctuary is rich in winged creatures as well. The Indian Hornbill, Tragopan Pheasant, Grey Pheasant, Doves and Fowls among others are some of the more aesthetically appealing ones.

The Indian Hornbill which has top status in the state

The Indian Hornbill which has top status in the state. Image Courtesy: frontline.in

All these make the Fakim wildlife sanctuary something that definitely deserves a visit. The place promises to be one that will undoubtedly leave its imprints on your minds until you decide to come calling again!

Jan 18, 2018 11:58

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