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Haunted! We dare you to Visit these Places in the NorthEast India

Mar 16, 2018 12:30

There are ghost stories and then there are incidents over incidents felt by humans over years! Here’s your ticket to have an encounter with the supernatural; or just spook yourself out.

The Dow Hills School, Kurseong, Darjeeling

A Headless Boy is said to have been seen roaming around the forest and school campus freely. Sounds of giggles, whispering, and sighting of visitants echo the old hallways of the Girls Boarding.

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Multiple murders are said to have had taken place at the school years ago, possibly the reason for its haunted nature.

Jatinga -The Valley of Death, Assam

On the night of New Moon, every monsoon flocks of birds take off to Jatinga and there takes place the most unexplainable phenomenon of nature, a mass bird suicide.

The birds fly into the night to collide into trees and die, leaving the valley lined with the bodies of dead birds.

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It is said that back in the 20th century, three women were put to death in the valley for practicing black magic. The spirits of these women seek solace in the death of these birds.

The Haunted Lodge, Jorhat, Assam

Strange symbols drawn all around the lodge, muffled laughs echoing, whispers, spooky noises in an age-old British lodge what a brilliant plot for a ghost movie.

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The Lodge is said to be the residence of Freemasons in the British Era.. or yet?

JNIMS Hospital, Manipur

You step out of the ward into a long corridor leading you to the washroom of the hospital. As you take strides you suddenly hear the footsteps behind you, it gets closer and you can surely feel the presence of someone following you. Suddenly, your temperature drops, you start feeling tingling sensations all over your body.

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Now that! is not a strange occurrence when you’re at JNIMS, Manipur.

As if hospitals weren’t already a place scary enough.

Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kamilpong

The ghost of Lady Morgan, wife of Sir George Morgan who built the house in 1930, still lurks inside the lodge. The long wooden passages echo the sounds of her heels, greeting every person who checks-in into her home.

By: Crystal Pereira | Source: NorthEastIndia

Mar 16, 2018 12:30

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