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Top Three Next Gen Technologies of 2015

Mar 03, 2015 18:00

In this piece of writing our audience will be exposed to the best Next Gen Technologies of 2015 and see what miracle modern technology can make to support the growth of human civilization? Future Technological advancements are anticipated to be user friendly and highly classy to use. Sophisticated technological advancements will make life more convenient and work towards benefitting the society in some way or the other. When compared to the earlier technological gadgets, future technological advancements are more powerful and functional. The world is going to spice up this year with the below listed newer technologies that will add glamour and attractiveness to the future of technology:

PRYNT –A Smartphone case that turns your phone into a Polaroid Camera.

When we talk about Smartphone cases, one generally looks for additional battery, style quotient and the primary requirement as protection. PRYNT is a startup organization that has kick started a project to make smart phone cases serve as shareable media. Unbelievable, yes it is true. This amazing Smartphone case by PRYNT not only helps you capture images with your phone but now you can print the best captured moments within 30 seconds. This case is as well said to convert physical snaps into meaningful videos. Isn’t it amazing? Aren’t you waiting for its release? The first shipment of this smart Smartphone case is all set to be released in August 2015. So what are you waiting for go pre-order for this Smartphone case at a mere price of 99 USD?

COGNITOYS-Toys that Talk Like a Buddy with your Child.

Almost all the children nowadays are experts in using Tablets, Smartphone’s, Laptops and all other touch screen devices, however if you are in search of something that narrows the gap between the mobile apps and a all time companions then it’s time to support the Kick starter campaign by Elemental Path that is all set to launch toys that make intelligent conversation with your child just by mere click of a button on the tummy. With a broad gap in the development of smart toys, Elemental Path has come up with an innovative concept where the toys will talk, listen and grow along with your child, adding that extra mile of personalization to toys making education a fun loving activity. The first Cognitoy  that is all set to launch by end of March 2015 is a Mini Dinosaur that will be available in 3 color options.

DOLFI- Next Generation Pocket Sized Washing Machine.

No more worries and hassles when it comes to washing delicate clothes as MPI Ultrasonic’s has come with a novel concept of washing delicate clothes with the help of ultrasonic waves. It generally happens that delicate clothes often wander from here and there in the laundry world and the smallest mistake in washing these delicate clothes can result in a costly affair of shrinking it or stretching it completely. Dolfi is said to consume near about 80% less energy than the ordinary washing machine making it pocket friendly for your wallet and environment friendly to the planet earth.

Mar 03, 2015 18:00

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