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Best Places to relish momos in NE India

Jan 02, 2016 20:13
Best Places to relish momos in NE India

The North Eastern states of India are home to a delectable variety of cuisine but if one has to choose one hot favorite item then the Momo would surely steal the show. Traditionally the Momo originated in the Kathmandu Valley and Tibet but some of its most sumptuous varieties are found in the North East states of India. Pork, Buffalo meat, Chicken and lamb are the usual fillings while in some places you can get Yak Meat Momos and Yak Cheese Momos too. Momos are usually seasoned with shallots, spring onions, mixed onions, cilantro, ginger and garlic. Tomato puree and soya sauce are sometimes added as tempering agents. Here is a list of the best places in North East India where you can go and savor momos.


Cafe Live and Loud

If you are fond if the classic combination of beer and momos or want to try out the latest food trend of vodka soaked momos then the best place to go to is Cafe Live and Loud. Great food and awesome ambience combined with rocking music gives an extra edge to the succulent momos served with delicious chilli dip sauce.

Dynasty Wine & Dine

Dynasty Wine and Dine boasts of a good wine cellar with some pretty good international wine brands along with the delicious local liquor. However, what takes the cake here are the soft and filling momos!! Succulent pork, beef and chicken momos served with green mint and red chilly dip are served in nifty cane baskets. Vegetarians can dig into sumptuous vegetarian momos. On Friday and Saturday nights there are awesome live band performances.

Pub 25

Pub 25 near MG Marg in Gangtok is a place serving awesome momos and a spread of local and international cuisine. This is again one of the best pubs in Gangtok to relax and unwind listening to some great band performances.

Family Restaurants

Chopsticks is one of the best and most reasonably priced restaurants in Gangtok offering a spread of great local food including steaming hot momo with chicken clear soup and fiery red chilli sauce

Cafe Culture perched on a small hillock near the Royal Palace in Gangtok serves a mean plate of Momos accompanied by an astounding view. The staff here is friendly enough to share some authentic momo making tips.


The Capital of Meghalaya also boasts of an amazing repertoire of placing serving yummy Momos. The sauce served here is less fiery than what is eaten in Nagaland and Sikkim. If Pork momo is what you are after then do visit the Hotel Broadway near the central square. If you are a chicken lover then try out the Momo Ghar near the main market and the famous Shillong Restaurant which draws localities and tourists alike. On weekends it is difficult to find an empty table in these buzzing eateries.



Heritage is an old Colonial style eatery in the heart of Kohima and it stands lined with ferns and moss. If you like the ancient gentry look then the Heritage will charm you with its rolling chambers, glittering chandeliers and artistic Naga Paintings. What will steal your heart however are the delectable selection of Pork and Beef Momos; fried and steamed and sauced.


The name when translated in Naga dialect means “Come Sit and Eat”. This small Bamboo constructed Eatery has minimalistic looks and a quaint charm of its own. You will get a range of Momos here; pork, beef, chicken and smashed egg momos. You can also try out the Naga beans and lentil momos tempered with mushrooms.


The Manikya Court

The Manikya Court in the capital of Tripura; Agartala is one of the best places where you can have a fine dining experience and savour delectable momos. The Manikya is actually run by the staff who worked with the royal family of Agartala so the place has a definite charm of its own.

The Pork Hut

Pork Hut serves the best Pork Momos in the whole of Agartala. There are other pork exclusives available here like Pork Bharta, lemon pork, Pork Chops and spicy Agartala Pork Curry. Locals say that the Pork momos here are probably one of the best found in India.

Momos and More

If you want to savour yummy chicken and pork momos then head off to Momos and More. If you do not arrive by 12 PM then the pork momos are sure to get over. The chicken and minced mutton momos are also delectable. However, if you are a vegetarian then avoid going to this place as this is a non vegetarian’s delight.


Momo Ghar

The first place which comes to one’s mind when it comes to Momo places in Assam is Momo Ghar in Bharalmukh Guwahati. The traditional Asameese Momo filled with stuffing’s of pork, beef and minced chicken is readily available. The authentic Asamese spices and the tomato salsa chutney available with the momos make them special and different from the usual Tibetan Momos that are available. Incredibly delicious vegetarian momos (both steamed and fried variety) are also available.

Only Pork

Only Pork is a tiny shop crammed near the Nayantara Supermarket near the 6 Mile Flyover in Guwahati. Despite its unassuming appearance the delectable fare and the down to earth prices attracts a lot of customers to this place. The best item on offer is the round shaped delicious Pork Momo and the creamy broth served here which can warm your heart on a chilly winter morning.


Easily one of the best family restaurants in Guwahati, Barbeque is a place where you can drop in for a full feast. The best items on offer at this great restaurant are chicken clear soup, delicious steaming hot momos, crispy drums of heaven and glass noodles.


Tawang is Arunachal Pradesh is a great tourist destination that has unmatched natural beauty. This is not a bustling city but a tiny hamlet perched on the hills with numerous eateries dotting it. Authentic varieties of Momos are served in these eateries like Soup Momo, C Momo and plain Momos served with spicy Potato Curry. In Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang you will also get to sample the delectable Tibetan Momos like Thaipo and Tingmo

Jan 02, 2016 20:13

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