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Goodbye Selfie Stick, Hello PODO

Mar 17, 2015 16:07

If one is bored of a selfie stick and is in search of another innovative gadget which will capture better shots then you are on the right page, we have something magnificent for you that you have been craving for-Podo. A Podo is unique wireless camera which can stick on any flat surface that acts as a photo booth and helps you capture your every image with ease. This is a Bluetooth connected device which can be operated with your Smartphone anywhere and anytime without much of a hassle.

If you are tired of spreading your arms to the maximum lengths and capturing images with the Selfie sticks then Podo is all that you need. It’s easy to use feature makes it different from any other image capturing gadgets. If you are fanatical about colors then even you will love to use this as it will be available in various vibrant and attractive colors.

It is a very interesting thing how this device called Podo was used for funding but later on it started taking everyone’s attention and has become the latest trend in the mini camera world. It has many qualities which make it only one of its kind gadget. Unlike other devices Podo uses a sticky pad which is washable and also consists of strong magnet that makes it easy to stick to any kind of flat surface that you want to use. Other then shooting pictures features like video shooting and shooting time lapse are as well interesting characteristics that come along with your Podo.

The functionality and operations of Podo are very simple and can be used in a hassle free manner. Once you click your pictures from the phone that is connected to the Podo, it sends it immediately to the files inside your phone and saves the images automatically. Many more added features in a Podo such as privilege  to edit and share the picture on any social networking sites make it an out of the ordinary style gadget for the youth that they can boast of.

It is just as simple as commanding “Stick, Shoot and Share”. Vital features of a Podo include an 8MP camera lens which captures the best shots of supreme quality without any interferences, a video recording of 720p, a fully rechargeable Li-on battery and most importantly four Gigabytes of internal memory that provides you all the storage space required for your videos and pictures. If you are worried about your Podo getting dirty and filthy then you should stop worrying because a Podo is fully waterproof and can be washed anytime and reused. This makes Podo unique because of all the above features that it provides to the consumers.

A  Podo can be yours at just $99 if you shop it online and if one is planning to get it from Kickstarter then it will cost you around $89. Most of the online shopping websites have already started the pre bookings for this device and are almost running out with the bookings. If you want to be among the first who has a Podo then make your booking now and boast of Podo amongst your friends.

Mar 17, 2015 16:07

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