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April Fool Pranks Not to Fall For

Mar 21, 2015 14:01

April fool’s Day is just approaching and is considered as one of the bets holidays by most of the people as they get an opportunity to have fun with some of the best April fool pranks with kids, friends, relatives and colleagues. Everybody tries their best not to fall prey to the coolest April fool pranks by their loved ones but when the prank is itself so tricky any Tom, Dick and Harry can fall prey to it. Isn’t it? The best thing about April fool’s Day is that you can have fun with your near and dear ones and the consequences can just be blamed up to the occasion that c’mon its fools day so just chill.

April fool’s day is that dreaded day which the easy to fool audience and the news editors like to hate. If you are looking for some kind of light hearted fun that is harmless then please have a look the best April fool pranks you can plot on your near and dear ones this April 1st:

1) Toothpaste Oreo April Fool Prank

April fool Pranks- Do Not Fall Prey to Them
If you want to make fun with friends or colleagues then do offer them your special Oreo cookies this April 1st. There is nothing better than the Toothpaste Oreo April Fool prank. Buy a small packet of Oreo cookies and eat away all the icing from the middle and keep the cookies. Now squirt some toothpaste on one cookie and place the other cookie on top of it. Le t the cookies rest for an hour or so and you are all set to have fun with the toothpaste Oreo cookies.

2) Colored Milk Prank

April fool Pranks- Do Not Fall Prey to Them
If you want to play some prank with your kids then add few drops of color to your kid’s milk pitcher and ensure that you add the shade that your kid likes the most. When he or she   is having her morning bowl of cereal let them be surprised that there is something wrong with the milk today.


3) Lunchtime Takeout Prank

April fool Pranks- Do Not Fall Prey to Them
If your colleagues get their lunch delivered then you can make fool of them with this best April fool prank and all you need is a water balloon, pin, string, tape and knife. Make some holes in the bottom of the lunch container and empty the contents and replace them with the water balloon. Take the safety pin and tie it to the string and stick it to the balloon with the help of a tape.


April fool pranks are always fun and a manner to make memorable memories but make sure that you do not pull pranks that will land you into trouble. A funny April fool prank can become dangerous if you do something that is destructive, physically harmful or illegal. So, it is better not to pull an April fool prank just because you would like to laugh. There are few people who do not like to be pranked and are a confinement for pranksters so better beware and pull the trick only if the person has a good sense of humor.

Mar 21, 2015 14:01

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