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raja chilli
Kohima Staff Curator 115
Our love for eastern delicacies remains limited to momos and noodles. But the far east has more options to offer that will give you irrevocable love. Not washing out from the well-conditioned Indian thalis, the Nagaland Kitchen in Delhi adds the...
Northeast Moupee Debroy 26,262
North East India or the Seven Sisters of North East as they are fondly called boast of rare natural beauty and amazing God given wonders. However one facet of North East that is rarely publicized in their tourist adverts is the range of delectable...
2 Delicious Khichdi Recipes from the North East​
North East Arnab Ghosh 333
There is a perception that cuisine in North East Indians states like Manipur, Nagaland and Assam is replete with Meat and fish based dishes. While people in these states eat a lot of non-vegetarian dishes, they do not avoid using vegetables either....

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