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10 most popular DJs of Northeast

Jun 13, 2017 14:33

The advent of new trends and trade poured a whole new genre of rhythm in the atmosphere of Northeast. Pubs and parties were the added boasters that played a pivotal role in updating the generation with a varied touch in music. Until months back, I too kept myself limited only to a couple of genre but all hail to social network that acquainted me with Debjit who persuaded me to taste the salt and spices of music. Music runs in his veins. He said that knowing to classify music is an art. 

A decade back very less people were acquainted about the genres of dance music. However, the sweeping breeze of modernisation has prompted the birth of several clubs and discos and along with it an unprecedented demand in the profession of DJ (disc jockeys). So here is the list of the 10 most popular DJ’s of Northeast who enhanced and introduced our tastes in different music although it necessarily is not in their order of popularity:

Dj Dee



Dee started his career back in 2004 with an aim to spread the vibe of EDM in Northeast. As a kid, he was passionate about music and took ultimate interest in discerning its genres as he grew up. His brand ELECTROVIBE was formed to celebrate the party scene of northeast giving platform to different genres of music. Spinning with some of the big Dj like- Nikhil Chinapa, Liquid soul, Vibe Tribe, Mad Maxx, Xerox and Illumination, etc, Dee escalated his career to being one of the renowned Disc Jockeys of Northeast.

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Dj Poison



Also known as Poison Mr 909, he is well known for his groovy sets of House Bollywood and English Commercials. Born and brought up in Amritsar, Poison landed in Guwahati 7 years back when music was breeding in the soil of guwahati.  Gifted with an inborn talent to understand music skin deep, poison started his career in 1998 as a freelance Dj and later followed his journey from big fat weddings to bachelor’s parties, corporate gigs and clubbing. He rubbed shoulder with countless number of national and International artists around the globe.

Dj Arpan



Once upon a time there lived a boy amidst the lush green valley and abode of clouds in Shillong, who was fascinated by music and wanted to base it as his career.  He started performing in his college and gradually excelled the art of Dj’ing and considered it as one of his profession. He is now known as Dj Arpan. Inspired by Arjun Vagale, Vinayaka, Dubfire and Maceo Plex, happily did he stretch to swing with a bunch of notable Djs like Guy J, John OO Fleming and did an impromptu jam session with Paji (Dj/ Violinist).

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Dj Brahmin



Acquiring 14 years of experience in the music industry, Debashish aka Dj Brahmin started his career as a freelance DJ and later joined club ILLUSION in 2006. He then spanned at TERRA MAYAA as a resident Dj until December 2013. In his 14 years of musical journey, he shared console with Nikhil Chinapa, Sanjay Dutta, Ultravoice, Ankytrixx, etc.

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Dj Varun



As a child, he was quite inclined towards music. His passion grew along with him which instigated him to play his first piece of music in high school. After winning WAR OF DJs, 2004 and PIONEER WAR OF DJs, 2005 there was no looking back as he signed bond with club ILLUSION and played there for 3 years. He then moved to club BLUE and OZONE later. His Deep and Tech House with a mix of Progressive beats sailed to whirl with prominent Djs like Liquid Soul, Weekend Heroes, Praveen Acharya, Anish Sood, etc.

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Dj Jawed



Picking Deep Progressive and Bollywood as his forte from the sea of music, Jawed started his career back in 2006 from Kolkata and then moved to Guwahati where he played as the resident Dj in club Silver-Streak. He played with many big names from the industry like Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Dave Seaman, Liquid soul, etc. 

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Dj Sev



During his computer classes, it’s not the computer programs that would fancy him but the internet. He looked for chance to probe into his favourite sites and access news and information of Djs, audio editing software and videos of Djs playing in clubs and festivals. Sev Lyndoh matched his beats of House and Techno medleys with renowned names like Weekend Heroes, Ankytrixx, Kohra, etc. His profound dedication and performance skill soared him abode the clouds of Shillong.


Dj Abhinav



Inspired by Dave Seaman and Maceo Plex, Abhinav Sabherwal plucked the petals of House and Techno. At a very young age he was introduced to the club environment of Shillong. He was motivated by friends from this background who helped him get behind the decks and helped him release his first single by leading record label in India, Lohit Records.


Dj Sagar (Sagar D Cyco)



When music is trapped in one’s blood how can he abstain from its track! Sagar embraced Bigroom, Commercial and Trap as his pet and tamed them in his profession. He started his career in 2012 and is one of the youngest Dj of Assam. He is currently spinning as the resident Dj of Cafe Copa, Guwahati.


Dj Jupiter



He experienced his first taste in electronic music at a very tender age. His deep connection with those hypnotic sounds initiated him to enrol for professional guidance. Jupiter’s Techno and house sounds are branded for being melodic yet groovy with a lot of funk.  He played with many national and international names that rated him to feature as one of the best Dj of Northeast.

Jun 13, 2017 14:33

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