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12 Things Only People From NorthEast India Can Relate To!

Jan 27, 2018 17:13
NorthEast India

The states of NorthEast India may appear to the rest of the country as one single unit. But, we are all different to each other in many aspects, be it the culture, the traditions, the festivals, or even the food. We all have our own heritage to follow. In spite of these differences, there are certain things that bind us together, certain things that make all the Northeasterns as one.

Hence, here we have listed 12 such things that many Northeasterns would find relatable. Read on and find out how many could you relate to!

1. Love for Nature

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. Image Source: shillong.com/

The green pastures, sweet aroma from the tea gardens, the cool breeze brushing on the face, and the sound of the river, a North East Indian’s love for nature’s bounty is something very special and unique.

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2. Spiciest Meals

Bhoot Jalokia. Image Source: wikipedia.org

How perfect does a meal become with the perfect amount of chillies, only a North East Indian can understand. And why not, after all the spiciest chilli in the world, Bhoot Jalokia is found here.

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3. Music is Life

Girls playing guitar. Image Source: thenortheasttoday.com

A day without music is a day wasted! For a North Eastern, music is the essence of life and we are always loaded with the best knowledge about the rock bands, the singers, and a lot of musical instruments. We are always up for a musical debate!

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4. Fashion is the Way of Life

A Northeastern Model. Image Source: wordpress.com

It will not be wrong to say that the Northeasterns have one of the the most impeccable sense of style. We want our dresses matched with the perfect shoes and good‐to‐go accessories.

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5. Love for Sports

Famous Sports Personalities from North East. Image Source: thenortheasttoday.com

We can miss that date night, but missing our favourite club’s match, that calls for an apocalypse!

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6. Adventure is in the soul

Hang Gliding in Sikkim. Image Source:trekkinginsikkim.com

Mountain Hiking, river rafting, say any adventure and we are always up for it.  Because adventure runs in our veins!

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7. Sarcasm On Point

North Eastern Girls. Image Source: dailymoss.com

Get into an argument and a North Eastern wouldn’t fight back.  A cool headed sarcastic reply is all that will come back to you.

8. Festive Celebrations

Bihu Festival of Assam. Image Source: tripsavvy.com

We have a plethora of festivals and each festival of North East India is celebrated with the same fervour and excitement. Festivals are indeed the best part of the year for us.

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9. The Chilly Winter

Mayodia Pass. Image Source: blogspot.in

Winter, the most awaited part of the year! The onset of winter means bike rides, bonfires, and festivals for Northeasterns. Winter always keeps us excited!

10. Chai for every occasion

Tea stall in Sikkim. Image Source: flickr.com

We are a lover of Chai or ‘Cha’ as we call it. Be it the morning breakfast, the noon snack, or for that matter anytime of the day, we love to sip a steaming hot cup of tea anytime and anywhere.

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11. Happiness in difficulties

Children in Assam floods. Image Source: thenortheasttoday.in

We love facing every difficulty with a smile. Be it the , the earthquakes, or any other natural wrath, we always face it with a smile instead of cribbing about it.

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12. The Laid Back Life

A house in North East India. Image Source: wordpress.com

How much ever enticing the city life looks, we still love to be back in the peaceful environment of our family and home!

Jan 27, 2018 17:13

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