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8 Award-Winning Movies

Mar 19, 2015 13:30

That North East India is largely ignored by ‘mainstream’ India is widely known. But even in this limited scope, there are filmmakers who have offered award-winning movies to the country and the world. Unlike the Hindi or the Tamil film industry, the filmmaking industry of the region is very small. While Assam produces the most number of films, in the recent years Manipuri films have also made a significant mark. Here are eight National Film Award winning mainstream movies from the North East.

Piyali Phukan, Assamese (1955) – The movie made its impact in the national sphere by receiving the 3rd National Film Award. Directed by Phani Sharma, one of the pioneers of filmmaking in Assam, the film depicted the story of a freedom fighter, Piyali Phukan.

Sandhya Raag, Assamese (1977) – Directed by Bhabendra Nath Saikia, the movie won the National Film Award in 1977 under the Rajat Kamal category. The film traces the life of Putali a widow and her two daughters.

Chatledo Eidi, Manipuri (2001) – The Makhonmani Mongsaba film won the 48th National Film Award for best feature film in the regional language category. The poignant love story told in a simple manner won several hearts.


Chatledo Eidi, Manipuri

Leipaklei, Manipuri (2012) - Leipaklei won the regional awards (best film in Manipuri language) in the 60th National Film Awards. Directed by renowned filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma, it tells the story of a woman separated from her husband and how she faces the hard trials of fate.

Ko:Yad, Assam (2012) Ko:Yad is the first Mising film to win a National Film Award. It found a prestigious spot in the 60th National Film Awards. Directed by Manju Borah, Ko:Yad won the best feature film in the non-Eighth Schedule language category. The film also won the best cinematographer award. The film portrays the lives of the Mising people through Poukam, who struggles to make a living in a small Assamese village.

Ko:Yad, Mising

Baandhon, Assamese
Baandhon, Assamese (2012) – The 60th National Film Awards proved to be very lucky for the North East region. Baandhon was the third movie from the region to be awarded. Directed by renowned film-maker Jahnu Barua, Baandhon won the Best Feature Film in Assamese. The film tells the story of an elderly couple who reach Mumbai in search of their mission grandson after the 26/11 terror attacks.

Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty, Khasi
Ri - Homeland of Uncertainty, Khasi (2013) – This was the first time that a Khasi film made it big in the national domain. Directed by Pradip Kurbah, Ri - Homeland of Uncertainty bagged the 61st National Film Award for Best Feature Film. The film won under the ‘Language Other Than Those Specified In the Schedule VIII of the Constitution’ category.

Ajeyo, Assamese
Ajeyo, Assamese (2014) Ajeyo, directed by Jahnu Barua, won the best feature film in Assamese in the 61st National Film Awards. The film, set in 1946 just before India’s independence, traces the life of Gojen Keot during the independence struggle.


Mar 19, 2015 13:30

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