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Movie Stars and their NorthEast Connection

Sep 08, 2016 21:15

Watching movies for most people is all about relaxation. It is about being transported to a different place and time and experiencing new emotions. It is not for nothing that movies are often larger than life. Moreover the experience of watching a movie is enhanced when we find something that we can relate to. It can be the story, it can be the characters or it can be the actors we see on screen. Seeing actors turn characters real is probably one of the biggest highs of movie watching and when we know that the actor is someone who has lived near us, there is a feeling of oneness.

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For us living in the North East, there is always a feeling of alienation because we find ourselves different from the rest of the country. That is why when we see ‘our people’ on the big screen, this feeling of oneness grips us easily. In recent times, there have been quite a few actors from the region who has wowed us and shined in the competitive mainstream cinema world. Let’s take a look at a few of these movie stars and their NE connection.       

Adil Hussain


Hussain can easily be termed as an actor par excellence. He has been part of great films internationally such as The Life of Pi (2012) and the Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012). He has also been part of Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam and French films and has continually proved that talent is all one needs to go places. Hussian’s journey from Goalpara (Assam) to becoming a bankable actor is truly an inspiring story.

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Andrea Tariang


The girl from the hills of Shillong has been creating the right buzz ever since the news came that she is starring in a movie with none other than the great Big B. The movie, Pink, is ready for release and from the trailer, it is quite clear that Tariang plays an important role. We simply cannot wait to see her in the big screen and shine. By the way, she is the first Khasi girl to make it this far in the Hindi film industry.

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Danny Denzongpa


Ask any movie buff who has watched almost every 70s and 80s Hindi film about the top villains and you will surely hear the name Danny Denzongpa, the actor who originally hails from Gangtok, Sikkim. For the past several decades, Danny’s name has been almost synonymous with character villainous roles. The husky baritone, the protruding eyesight has always made it easy to see the otherwise charming and quiet Danny turn to a malicious villain.

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Diganta Hazarika


Diganta Hazarika is an aspiring young Assamese lad who is finding is foothold in the Hindi film industry. Hazarika hails from Nagaon and started his acting career with Assamese films. He was recently part of the big budget Hindi film Mohenjo Daro which featured Hrithik Roshan and was directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

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Urmila Mahanta

Urmila Mahanta


She was recently seen in the Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Akira’ but Urmila has been part of Tamil and Malayalam films for quite a few years. Mahanta might have climbed the ladders of success slowly but today she has firmly created a foothold in Indian film industry. The girl from Sonapur, Assam is making all of us proud and we can’t wait to see her more on the big screen!

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Sep 08, 2016 21:15

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