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You Need to Follow These 15 Instagram Accounts That are Redefining NorthEast India

Feb 04, 2018 12:21

The effect of social media has not left behind the North Eastern states. Social Media in the North Eastern states has influenced by large the people here. Instagram being one of the most resorted channels of social media, the youth of North East are now undertaking Instagram’s medium to display the world what actually North East is. To get a peek on how life is in North East, we have listed down 15 most followed Instagram accounts.

1. Northeast_india

northeast_india instagram page. Image Source:

This Instagram account covers the picturesque location of North East India. The feed contains the mountains, the dense forests, the green lakes, and the beautiful hills. Following this feed, you will definitely understand why North East is called ‘The Paradise of India’.

You can follow the page here: northeast_india

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2. Discover Nagaland

Instagram page of discovernagaland. Image Source:

For all those who are planning a holiday in the beautiful landscapes of Nagaland, this account is a must follow. Discover Nagaland is a store house of information when it comes to Nagaland tourism. Home stays, food, travelling adventure in Nagaland, this Instagram account has it all.

You can follow it here: discovernagaland

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3. The Voice of NorthEast India

The Voice of North East India Instagram Page. Image Source:

With over 16k followers, this Instagram account covers all the things that define North East, its culture, its traditions, its tribes, and the picturesque locations.

You can follow the page here: thevoiceofnortheastindia

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4. Streets of Assam

Instagram page of Streets of Assam. Image Source:

Want a glimpse of some of the undiscovered and not treaded parts of Assam? ‘Streets of India’ has the best photographs that describe the life in Assam in the most apt manner.

You can follow the page here: streets_of_assam

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5. m.for.apples

m.for.apples Instagram Page. Image Source:

This Instagram account has kept many people interested in Nagaland and North East. The Instagram account is handled by Megosano Sakhrie, who is an expert of hand lettering. Following her, you are sure to fall in love with the art of hand lettering!

You can follow her here: m.for.apples

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6. Sons of the Hills, Shillong

Instagram page of Son of the Hills. Image Source:

Sons of the Hills are a group of bikers from Shillong who are set out to explore the hills of Meghalaya and regions around, on their bikes. They express the entire story of their adventure through their Instagram feeds. You would certainly want to be a part of their adventurous journey!

Follow their journey here: sonsofthehills_shillong

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7. ETC Northeast

ETC Northeast Instagram page. Image Source:

This Instagram page is the best when it comes to go on a flavourful journey of North East India food. ETC covers the authentic dishes from different corners of the North East region.

You can follow the page here: etc_northeast

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8. Beauty of Arunachal

Beauty of Arunachal Instagram Page. Image Source:

The monasteries, the hills, the people, and everything that defines Arunachal, is practically on this page. As we may see it, this page is a mirror of the life in Arunachal.

You can follow the page here: beauty_of_arunachal

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9. Singers of North East

Singers of Northeast Instagram Page. Image Source:

Well, NorthEast people’s inexplicable love for music is not something unknown. With the many musical talents that this region has, this page on Instagram features the covers of some of the best singers and bands from NorthEast. Time to undertake a musical journey on Instagram!

You can follow the page here: singers_of_northeast

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10. North East Project

NEP Instagram Page. Image Source:

Want a peek into the traditional apparels of North East but with a modern twist, then this page is what you have been looking for. The North East Project creates stylish apparels from hand-woven North East India tribal textiles. Following the page, you might definitely get something to raise your style quotient.

You can follow the page here: nep_north_east_project

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11. Steet Style 8 NorthEast

Street Style 8 NorthEast Instagram Page. Image Source:

This Instagram page features the most unique street style fashion of North East. Definitely a treat for all the style icons and fashionistas out there!

You can follow the page here: StreetStyle8NorthEast

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12. We the Nagas

Instagram page of We the Nagas. Image Source:

A perfect platform to be informed about everything that is happening in Nagaland; ‘We the Nagas’, brings to light all the latest undertakings and Nagaland news through their Instagram page.

You can follow the page here: WE THE NAGAS

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13. Style is North East (SINE)

Instagram page of SINE.Image Source:

Another fabulous Instagram page defining the fashion world of North East India! This page has some of the best featured photos of the edgy style statements defined by the people of North East.

You can follow the page here: SINE

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14. Chalo Hoppo

Chalo Hoppo’s Instagram Page. Image Source:

Want to go across a magical journey through the states of Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya? Chalo Hoppo is the best Instagram page to satisfy your traveller soul. Through their photos they take their viewers on a beautiful North Eastern states journey.

You can follow the page here: ChaloHoppo

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15. Guwahati City

Instagram page of Guwahati City. Image Source:

With more than 21k followers, Guwahati City has become the most favourite and reliable page for gaining information about the city that is the ‘Gateway of North East India’, Guwahati.

You can follow the page here: Guwahati City

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Feb 04, 2018 12:21

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