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15 Uber Cool Fashion Bloggers from NorthEast India

Jan 19, 2018 12:48
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It is a known fact that fashion sense of the Northeasterns is way ahead from the rest of the country. The Northeasterns have a unique sense of style whether it comes to flaunting that perfect pair of shoes on the attire that you wish to showcase or adorning your hair with the best accessories, they have got covered it all. With this, some of these fashionistas have taken up to the internet and introduced their styling sense to the rest of the world through their blogs. Here we have the best fashion bloggers of NorthEast India who have their style statement strong.

1. Aien Jamir, Nagaland

Aien Jamir’s blog - FASHION & I

Goes by the blog name ‘Fashion & I’, Aien Jamir’s fashion blog is always up the fashion industry. Her fashion blog has everything which the fashion enthusiasts need to feed their souls with. What’s more, you can style up like her through her online store called the ‘AJ Store’.

Blog: www.aienjamir.com

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2. Mawi Neitham, Meghalaya

Mawi’s blog - MAWI’S VINTAGE

Looking for styling tips on a budget, then Mawi Neitham’s blog is the choice you need to make. She calls herself a lover of anything fashion and she is all set to change the phase of fashion blogging.

Blog: www.mawisvintage.wordpress.com/author/mawineitham/

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3. Juhili Deb Barma, Tripura

Juhili’s Blog - Juhili’s Look Book

A crazy shoe enthusiast, this fashion blogger is also a writer and fashion blogger. You can find everything that you want about the latest fashion trends through her writings on her blog called, ‘Juhili’s Look Book’.

Blog: www.juhilislookbook.com/

4. Cynthia Zacharica, Shillong

Cynthia’s blog - Indian Vanity Case

Giving the perfect feminine touch to her blog, Cynthia Zacharia is obsessed with anything girly be it the colour pink or love for bows. Her blog goes by the name, ‘Indian Vanity Case’, and she is a makeup artist and a fabulous fashion blogger providing the latest insights of the fashion world.

Blog: www.indianvanitycase.com/

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5. Roshnee, Sikkim

Roshnee’s Blog - Her Perfect Spot

Roshnee mostly updates her latest fashion discoveries on her Instagram page. Being a flight attendant on usual days, Roshnee writes on her blog called, ‘Her Perfect Spot’.

Blog: www.herperfectspot.blogspot.in

6. Angelina Pongener

Angelina’s blog - The 97 Notebook

A Mumbai based fashion blogger; her style game is strong with her personalised style and monochromatic appeal. Her blog goes by the name, ‘The 97 Notebook’.

Blog: www.the97notebook.com

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7. Asenla Jamir, Nagaland

Asenla’s blog - Blanc Muse

A graduate from NIFT, Mumbai this fashion blogger from Nagaland has been wooing with her incredible fashion sense. Her blog ‘Blanc Muse’ is a must follow for someone who is looking for something unique and trendy.

Blog: www.blancmuse.com/

8. Kham Chyrmang, Meghalaya

Kham’s blog - Man With the Mask

A 19 year old student, this fashion blogger has a concept blog, ‘Man with the Mask’. He exhibits the latest fashion trends for the boys, wearing a mask, believing that fashion does not need any shape or colour and can be followed by anyone passionate about it.

Blog: www.manwiththemask.blogspot.com

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9. Abigail George Lama, Sikkim

Abigail’s blog - AGL Style

Abigail’s fashion sense has everything to do with urban, chic yet minimalistic style. A fashion blogger from Sikkim, her blog ‘AGL Style’ is the best style guide for the fashion minded folks.

Blog: www.oldbygail.wordpress.com/

10. Nikita Agarwal, Sikkim

Nikita’s blog - Pen Twister

Nikita Agarwal is the Blogger In Chief of ‘Pen Twister’ a leading blog of the fashion and food industry. She loves experimenting with the new facets of the fashion industry and creatively puts it across through her blog writings.

Blog: www.pentwister.com

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11. Jumni Kamki

Jumni Kamki’s blog - The Pink Cult

Her blog the Pink Cult covers an extensive range of fashion styles, from street fashion to elegant clothing trends, she blogs about anything and everything Fashion!

Blog: www.thepinkcult.wordpress.com

12. Selina Pherumboo, Sikkim

Selina’s Instagram - glimpsesofrainbow

Selina is a Mumbai based fashion blogger with her style statement just on point. She is stylish, uber trendy and has your back for every look you sport.

Blog: www.instagram.com/glimpsesofrainbow/

13. Kuvelu Tetseo, Nagaland

Kuvelu's Blog - Naganess

A member of the famous cultural band ‘Tetseo Sisters’, Kuvelu is also a fashion blogger with her blog ‘Naganess’. The unique thing about her blog is that she fuses her traditional Naga attires with modern apparels.

Blog: www.naganess.com

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14. Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Nilu’s blog - BHLM

Having a unique name to her blog, ‘Big Hair Loud Mouth’, she has the quirkiest blog of the fashion town and was awarded the ‘Best Blogger Styling Award’ in 2014, at Splash Fashions, Bangalore.

Blog: www.bighairloudmouth.com

15. Apurva Lama

Apurva Lama’s blog - Appycat

Apurva Lama’s blog ‘Appycat’ is a fashion and lifestyle blog. She has a fine knowledge of the intricate designs and the upcoming trends of the fashion industry. You can also buy her collection online through the ‘Appycat Street’.

Blog: www.appycat.co.in

Jan 19, 2018 12:48

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