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Hairstyles of North East India

Nov 10, 2015 10:03
North East

It is no secret that Indian actresses blatantly copy dress and hair styles of Hollywood. What the actors do, the public copies. From Delhi to Chennai you will find boys and girls imitating their favorite actors who have simply transplanted western styles into India. Well…not entire India. Go to the North East and it is a different story. Tribal styles fuse with fashion statements imported not from the West but from the Far East, especially Korea.

From shoes to jeans to tops and jackets and from sunglasses to hair styles, the North East youth is making a fashion statement that is creating waves across India. Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Assam lead in the number of youngsters sporting daring hair raising hair dos. The Far Eastern style goes well with their type of physique and hair.

Why the divergence from rest of India? It is not hard to explain. For decades people of the North East have been discriminated against and that a few terrorist groups imposed a ban on Hindi films helped ease the entry of Korean films and TV serials, heavily influencing the youth. Juxtapose this with the fact that the over 200 tribal communities of the North East have distinctive dress and just as distinctive hair styles of North East India and it is easy to understand their penchant for going their individual way, rather than following Bollywood trends. The Nyishi tribe in Arunachal has a unique hair style in that they plait their hair and tie it at the front around their forehead using a skewer of brass and other embellishments to hold hair in place. Hairstyles of Assam have their signature identity just as hairstyles of Meghalaya do. In this land of pluralism and multicultural identity the breathtaking variety provided by hairstyles of Arunachal Pradesh, hairstyles of Sikkim and Naga hairstyles have contributed to identifying people from this region as also giving them pride of belonging. Whether it is the hairstyles of Tripura or the North East bridal hairstyle, the region stands apart from the rest of India in the matter of dress and hairstyles.

The recent Korean influences only fuelled the rise of distinctive hair styles that make a North Easterner stand out anywhere in India. Add to this their predilection for western music and rock stars of Korea, Vietnam and Japan have helped in developing uniqueness about their personalities, topped by their hair styles. Lee Min Ho and his style are a craze for teens in this region.

Colorful spikes

Colorful spikes go well with a certain kind of face and the North Easterners, especially those from tribes with Far and South East Asian origins have what it takes to top their heads with colorful spikes. Girls and even boys have been known to go to extreme lengths to first bleach their hair and then dye it blue, purple, gold or just white. Funky, cool and stylish, especially when matched with a three piece dress set and shades to go along. The spiky look suits girls and boys equally well.

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Boyish Pixie

Common with their cousins in China, Japan and Korea, North Easterners do have fabulous black silky hair. A boyish pixie cut in which the hair is trimmed short enough for a girl to be mistaken for a boy gives her just that touch of insouciance and piquant spicy looks in tune with modernity.  Boys with sides of their heads sporting short hair or even shaved and with a mop on top ending in dyed spikes do look so hot!

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Sleek and tousled

With their hair so fine and perfect, the sleek layered or a slightly tousled look with half of the hair in front on the shoulder and the other half at the back on the other side provide a perfect frame for faces of beautiful North East Indian girls. This is one style that will never go out of fashion for that quintessentially modern feminine look.

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Tousled Ponytail

Hair cut short but not that short, leaving just enough to be made into a tousled ponytail with a simple band to hold it in place and a lock of hair carelessly falling down in front of the face is one of the favorite styles of girls up their in the North East. A “kudi” with this hair style is enough to make you forget Punjabis. A variation on this style is the headband ponytail with a bit of bling on top to add glitter with the edgy banged ponytail being another. It so suits their style.

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Sheer and Straight

With their lovely straight silky hair, North East girls, at least some of them, still love to sport fairly longish hair to the middle of their back that is combed straight down. A hint of style appears when half is draped in front and half at the back.

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Fringed Bob

Girls up North East have a reason to be proud of their hair and one of the cutest of looks is achieved when they have a fringed bob with the fringe covering all of their foreheads. Rest of the hair provides a lovely frame for their faces. Variations are side parted short bob with hair drawn down in front over one side to cover the forehead and nearly one eye and another is the edgy look with uneven lop sided bangs.

Plaited into a Bun

It is not all about looking teensy and funky. North Eastern girls do, at times, plait their hair and then roll it into a bun that sits behind and at top of their heads. Sophisticated chic that is what it is.

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For some girls it is curls all the way given their hair type. Even those with straight hair go for a perm and acquire wavy curls that can cascade down in free form down the sides of their heads to their shoulders for that carefree insouciant looks. Suit them to a T and something worth emulating because it is an evergreen style.

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Boys will be boys

If boys are not shaving the sides of their heads and sporting spikes at the top, then they go to the other end. Rock stars have long hair they tie into a knot at the back don’t they? So there is nothing wrong if we do it is the general consensus among the arty types.

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Nov 10, 2015 10:03
North East

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