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North East India taking Fashion to another level

Sep 29, 2016 20:25

Amongst one of the most fashionable people in India, North East India tops the list. They have maintained their coolest fashion statement and they never fail to astound us with their astonishing looks. Apart from their utterly cute and amazing looks, they always amaze us with their exceptional and extravagant fashion sense. They put up life to their clothes which is beyond imagination.

We have seen people experimenting with their looks and clothes but then in case we are talking about the north east Indians they always do it with much of grace and elegance. Whether we talk about wearing a pair of rugged denims or sexy buttoned dungaree, they always carry it with the coolest attitude and so much of grace. I myself have seen people being comfortable wearing anything they want to and as a matter fact none of us would handle to carry it so well. We assume that we should always wear something which runs in parallel with our society and thus our dressing style takes a route according to the people instead of our wills. But trust me with North east Indians things are different. Currently fashion magazines is a crowded bizarre of cold shoulder tops for women to go with the bell bottoms. And this image below gives you an exact idea of what it is with their confidence and their styling.

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Courtesy: TANZIN CHHOYANG(Fashion Blogger)

You can never succeed taking out fashion from their system. It runs deep in them. They beat all the odds when comes to styling and dressing and stuff like that. They master this art. There is always something exceptional with their straight and shiny hair which we have not understood till date. They have the most beautiful black hair (mostly) may be due to their upbringing near the most purest forms of water or whatever it is but they have smashed it completely.

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There is always something about them that appeals the most and while they are never out of fashion and they make everything look so good on them. Their appeal is some what different from the rest of the country and hence they are proudly announced as the most fashionable and beautiful part of India. They are always innovating style to be in trend and try the most vibrant colors. As there are whole lot of variety being present currently in the market they are the most creative people who have been lately experimenting themselves up with the rugged denims and completely blowing it off. The skirts and the dresses they put up to grace their looks they always bewilder us to our surprise that something heavenly like this do exist here in India.

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 Courtesy: INSTAGRAM

While we are always determined on teasing the north east Indians as our own, we forget that they are much superior to us in fashion sense. To call them fashionable would be an understatement for them because actually they are winning it up and blowing it off completely with their amazing cute and adorable looks that goes completely well with their innovative fashion sense.

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By: Princy Chopra

Sep 29, 2016 20:25

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