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15 Instagram Worthy Restaurants and Cafes in NorthEast India

Jan 20, 2018 12:04
NorthEast India

Click, Edit, Upload! This has become quite a trend these days with people wanting to upload everything and anything around them on social media platforms, especially food. Food and restaurants have a special place in Instagram because not just the bloggers but anyone and everyone want to upload the delicious treats. And why not, who would mind a picture of tempting desserts, the steaming coffee, and more than perfect Pizza!

So this is for the foodie souls around North East who want to glam their Instagram feeds with some eye catching pictures. Here is a list of the restaurants and cafes in North East India that totally deserve to be on your Instagram. ‘Because everything around you makes you want to click!’

1. 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro Guwahati

11th Avenue Cafe Bistro. Image Source: facebook.com/

11th Avenue Cage Bistro certainly deserves a place in your Instagram feed. Your love for the English breakfast in Guwahati will be fulfilled here, not just this, the ambience of 11th Avenue has a certain feel to it that will definitely make you wanna click.

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2. The Black Sheep, Dimapur

The Black Sheep. Image Source: facebook.com/

Industrial concept with a domestic touch, Black Sheep has all that you need to get your Instagram feed buzzing. We loved how they have perfectly combined the indoor and outdoor sittings with vertical gardens and rustic art for a perfect alluring ambience.

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3. ML 05 Cafe, Shillong

ML 05 Cafe. Image Source: tripadvisor.in/

This cafe had our eyes rolling for all the good reasons. Imagine a bullet hanging above your table and the table made of a huge tree trunk! Also, number plates floating on your heads and the car headlights shining bright, all these were enough to give us the jitters! This one’s definitely for all those who love to hit the roads.

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4. Char-Koal, Imphal

Char-Koal. Image Source: facebook.com/

Under the blue skies, beside the river, enjoying a delectable cuisine! Does sound like a plan! Well, the Char Kol rooftop restaurant in Imphal offers you the best romantic date.

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5. Cafe Bae

Cafe Bae. Image Source: directmap.in/

Want a head rush of the 90s era or even earlier than that? Then this cafe in Dimapur is the place. The spacious interiors are all adorned with recyclable things and stuff that will leave you nostalgic!

6. The Bean Journal, Guwahati

The Bean Journal. Image Source: wordpress.com/

A cozy little place with world class relinquishing food; the bean journal becomes the perfect spot to hang out with your ‘Gang’. The sweet touch of wooden decor and the Risotto and Pasta, did make us include the cafe in the list.

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7. Dylan’s Cafe Shillong

The Bean Journal. Image Source: wordpress.com/

A cafe as a tribute to the legendary BOB DYLAN! Yes, that’s true. This sweet little cafe has turned out to be our favourite. What earned brownie points for this cafe is that, it promotes musical talent and open mics amidst savoury dishes! Perfect enough to glam up your Instagram feed!

8. Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba, Guwahati

Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba. Image Source: facebook.com/

Flavour of Punjab in Assam! Looking for some authentic North Indian food, then this Punjab Da Dhaba is the choice. What sets it apart is the look and feel of this restaurant in Guwahati. The restaurant is well blended with the Punjabi Dhaba feel with a modern touch.

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9. Orami: My Kind of Place, Kohima

Orami: My Kind of Place. Image Source: facebook.com/

The forest look with traditional touch is what caught our eyes. Also, you would be sipping tea and coffee and relinquishing the dishes they offer, in traditional Naga vessels. Sure to gain you more followers on Instagram!

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10. Cafe Riverrun, Guwahati

Cafe Riverrun. Image Source: facebook.com/

Cozy corners, starry lights, and a view overlooking the mighty Brahmaputra, Cafe Riverrun have it all. Also, this is one of the few places where you can see your food prepared. All worth it!

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11. Himalayan Beans, Dimapur

Himalayan Beans Coffee Bar. Image Source: listednl.in/

The best place for coffee in North East, Himalayan Beans’ ambience screams of coffee everywhere. The quirky wall design, vertical garden, and above all the coffee, makes it perfect for a coffee date. Everything is fabulous about this small yet amazing cafe in Dimapur.

12. Jiva Restaurant, Guwahati

Jiva Veg. Image Source:facebook.com/

The contemporary looks of this restaurant took our hearts away. Located on the way between Guwahati and Shillong, this restaurant is your perfect place for a family dinner.

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13. The Grub Cafe & Bakery, Shillong

The Grub Cafe & Bakery. Image Source: facebook.com/

Decadent desserts and super cool beverages are a part of the menu of Grub Cafe & Bakery. The Grub Cafe & Bakery has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth and your Instagram feeds.

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14. The Steaming Mug, Guwahati

The Steaming Mug. Image Source: facebook.com/

A quirky little place to hang out with your friends, The Steaming Mug has worked well on their ambience making it the perfect place to hang out. The quirky painted wall was what caught our attention.

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15. Mocha, Guwahati

Mocha. Image Source: mocha.in/

This elegant, classy, and modern interior of brick walls would not make you want to leave this place. With the fabulous interiors, the cherry on the pie is the fabulously delicious and relinquishing food that they offer.

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Jan 20, 2018 12:04

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