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8 Dishes that complete a Culinary trip to NE

Jul 27, 2015 14:58
North East

You must have come across scores of reasons why you must visit India’s North East immediately. Yes, the region is known for its verdant beauty, winding roads, rolling hills, valleys of blooming flowers, snow-capped mountains and of course the various tribes and cultures. When there is any mention of culture, can food stay far away? Not really. The tribal people of Northeast survive on a simple diet of vegetables and lots of meat. There is very little use of spices, yet every dish is lip-smacking delicious. We give you another reason for visiting the North East – try 8 unique dishes from the 8 states of the region and make it a culinary adventure!

1. Assam – Khar

You are most likely to start your north eastern sojourn from Assam. When you land in Guwahati, the state’s capital, do not forget to try out the delicious Khar. The dish is prepared using khar or dried banana ashes. The other ingredients required to prepare khar are raw, soft papaya and pulses. You can also add fish head to the preparation. It is usually a dish perfect for lunch.

2. Mizoram - Sanpiau

Rice is the staple diet of the Mizo and naturally all the delicious delicacies are prepared mainly with rice. Sanpiau is a snack that is prepared with rice porridge. The other ingredients used in it are fresh coriander paste, spring onions, crushed black pepper, fish sauce and rice powder.

3. Nagaland - Smoked Pork

Smoked pork and Nagaland are almost synonymous – as each makes the other famous. If you want to try the traditional recipe, you should be munching on crispy pork that’s very juicy inside. The flavors really come out when the pork is smoked with bamboo shoot. 

4. Manipur – Iromba

One of the trademark dishes of Manipur is Iromba which is prepared using fermented fish. The other ingredients required are mashed potatoes, fresh green leaves and very hot chilies! Iromba is not for the faint hearted as the fermented fish has a strong and pungent taste. In fact, this is the key ingredient in almost all Manipuri dishes.

5. Meghalaya – Jadoh

To get the real taste of Khasi cuisine, you need to taste the Jadoh, a dish prepared with rice and meat. The dish is prepared sans any spice and only green chilies and black pepper are used. You can have jadoh with Tungtap or a dry dish paste.

6. Sikkim – Gyathuk

Gyathuk is a popular variety of Tibetan thukpa and you probably know it as Chinese noodle soup. It is an appetizing soup that is also very filling since it usually contains meat, though meat-less variety is also popular. The Sikkimese use oodles of natural and refreshing spices to make it one great dish.

7. Tripura – Chikhvi

Chikhvi is a pork and bamboo shoot preparation. Bamboo shoots are stir fired and sliced pork are added to it. The flavors of this dish really come out when there is a perfect balance of smokiness and lusciousness.

8. Arunachal Pradesh – Zan

Zan is an appetizing porridge that is greatly enjoyed with green vegetables and charred meat. The key ingredients of preparing Zan are millet flour and boiling water. 

Jul 27, 2015 14:58
North East

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