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Local drinks from 7 Sister States of North East

Jul 08, 2016 20:02

Do you enjoy a cool beer on a hot, sultry day? But are you tired of the readily available brews? Then you must definitely try out the locally made brews prepared by the various indigenous tribes of North East. The North Eastern tribes are known to be self-sufficient. From weaving their own fabric, to harvesting crops, they are quite self-dependent. When it comes to recreation, most of the tribes have their own means of entertainment as well. Local rice beer preparations are among the most common ways of relaxing among the tribes here. Let us take a look at how the 8 states prepare their indigenous alcoholic drinks.

Assam – Lao Pani

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Assam is a state with many ethnic communities and each of them has their traditional liquor preparation. However the most common locally brewed liquor is the Lao Pani prepared using fermented rice on the shell of a bottle gourd.

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Arunachal Pradesh - Apong

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If you happen to be among the Nyishis of Arunachal Pradesh, you will definitely be treated with some Apong. It is a variant of the beer made using fermented rice. It takes about 3 months to prepare Apong, and the process includes drying the rice, smoking it, fermenting and filtering it and finally pouring it onto a bamboo shoot. Served at room temperature, you can enjoy the deliciously potent yet sweet and spicy taste of Apong.
Sikkim - Chhaang, Kodo ko Jaanr

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Chhaang is a common drink among the Nepalese and Tibetans of Sikkim. Said to be a relative of beer, Chhaang is prepared with ingredients such as millet, barley or rice grains. Millet seeds are semi-fermented, stuffed in a bamboo barrel onto which boiling water is poured. Once this concoction cools, yeast or dried barm is used for complete fermentation. Then the mixture is left untouched for three to four days, after which it is ready for consumption.  Another locally prepared drunk is the Kodo ko Jaanr that is prepared using finger millet.

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Tripura - Chuak

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The indigenous Tripura people enjoy their rice beer or what is locally known as Chuak. Made by fermenting rice, Chuak is a common alcoholic beverage during special occasions. It is especially served to village elders during special celebrations. Commonly Chuak is prepared by the Tripuri women.

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Meghalaya – Ka’iad Um and Bitchi

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The locally brewed rice beer, Ka’iad is almost considered a necessity among the Khasis and Jaintia. Sufficient amount of the liquor is poured from a u klong (hollow gourd) onto the gods. The Garos consume a locally prepared rice beer called Bitchi.
Manipur - Yu

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The fermented drink of the Manipuris is known as Yu. The key ingredients used in preparing Yu are rice or millet. It takes expert hands to prepare a good glass of Yu.

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Nagaland - Zutho

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The Zutho distinguishes itself from the other local drinks of the region not because it is made using fermented rice, but because sprouted rice grains are used for the preparation. Zutho can be called a variant of rice wine.

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Mizoram – Zawlaidi and Zu

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Mizoram is one of the dry states in India. However traditionally the Mizos consumed a local drink called Zu. Prepared using fermented rice, millet or maize, the consumption of Zu is prohibited in the state due to its spurious nature. However, in the recent years, the Mizoram government has started promoting a locally made wine called Zawlaidi. Prepared using grapes, Zawlaidi is primarily produced in the Hnahlan town.

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Jul 08, 2016 20:02

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