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Top 10 restaurants in North-east

Jul 31, 2015 13:00
North East

Foodies might feel a bit disappointed, while they make a decision to take tour of the north-eastern states in India. Feeling disheartened that they would miss the bonne nourriture that they love eating in their parts of the sub-continent, the gourmands pick up the idea that the days ahead during the sojourn in the eight states could become really exasperating without their favourite dishes. But there is good news! North-east in India is a paradise for the gourmets with rich culinary for their taste buds. The restaurants serve the visitors exclusive dishes with unusual courtesy in completely exotic atmosphere.  The restaurants in the north-east states could take the guests in a live interaction with cuisine and culture, literally introducing them with the ethos of the heritage. 

The top ten restaurants in the north-eastern states are as follows, but not essentially in that order-


Maihang- the one-and-only in Guwahati 

This is the place in the capital city of Assam, where every visitor steps in to take the delight of the new food at the new place. The menu gives those visiting a tough time as it has the complete range of delicacies from north-east.  Casting curious glances and inquiring about the toothsome in the items take a bit of time. People from eastern India love eating ‘Fish Khorika’, while the north Indians invariably ask for ‘Chicken with sesame seeds’.   ‘Duck in sesame gravy’   could spring up before the non-vegetarians a surprise in taste  from the new delicacies from north-east, while the westerners take the delight of pork fermented with bamboo shoots. “Akhoni’ or fermented soybeans is another exquisite in the delicacies available for the vegetarian food lovers. The swanky restaurant always is a favorite of those, who visit Guwahati.


City Hut- The right place for ‘whole family’ in Shillong 

Visitors to Shillong in Meghalaya find pull from this ‘family dhaba’ almost magnetic as this comes as the first suggestion from everyone as  a good place for dining out with the whole family or group of friends. This gives them the unique experience of sharing in togetherness inside a restaurant, where they find an exclusive blend of tradition and modernity. The list of delicacies in the menu is exhaustive as it holds the epicurean’s delights in the wide range of dishes in Tandoori, South Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and continental items.  The taste is simply finger-licking as most opt for the extra-ordinary in the vegetarian items like ‘Tawa Sabzi’ and ‘paratha’.  This could become a sumptuous meal for the non-vegetarians as the menu holds umpteen items in Thai, Mexican, and Italian Fares. 



Dream Café- Hunting ground for bold and beautiful in Kohima

The young and beautiful always prefer Dream Café restaurant in Kohima to other eateries of the place. The open windows could spare the youth views of mountain peaks as local artists put on displays their works on the street.  The menu in the restaurant has the specialties like noodles, pizza, snacks, and of course the steaming mugs of savory coffee. The whole milieu in the location of the restaurant just makes everyone hang on for more and more time, while the food and cuisine are simply amazing. 


Ginger- enjoy everything majestic and exotic in Shillong

Shillong-the capital city of Meghalaya- would forever stay full of choices, when the visitors are out on a trip to explore the majestic and exotic in food and beverages. Just step inside the familiar name in hotel industry in India-Ginger, the wait for good food is over. They could order pasta, crepes, cannelloni, and stroganoff, while the swigs in the futuristic and metal-paneled bar are completely refreshing. 


Abhishek- The one and only in Agartala

When the guests step inside this restaurant, they need one option to choose from the available two; either they could get seated while enjoying the dishes inside the air-conditioned hall with a marine theme or in the outdoor seating area amid wonderful bushes and magnificent sculptures.  The cuisine holds literally A to Z from north Indian dishes, while all the local savories could give finger-licking taste. Visitors invariably fall in love with its specialty in cuisine-‘Buffer Chicken’.



Dragon Restaurant-  The spirit of Magnificent Tawang Valley 

The north-west part of Arunachal Pradesh has the magnificent Tawang Valley, located at an altitude of 3,048 meters. Being the birth place of 6th Dalai Lama, it has the biggest Buddhist monastery in India. Dragon- the most popular restaurant of the valley- is forever an attraction for the visiting pilgrims and tourists. ‘Chupra’- the highest in demand item in its cuisine- is the most popular food for one and all. Available as a fermented cheese broth, cooked either with fungi or vegetable, this item is most delectable in the menu served by the restaurant.


Aizawl Masala- Superb dining experience 

Once the visitors are in Aizawl, they make it a point to set their feet inside the trendy Aizawl Masala restaurant.  Famous for the Chinese dishes, the guests literally devour on the delicacies like noodles, fried rice, meat in Chilli, garlic, and pepper sauce. While the food is extra-ordinary, music stands as second-to-none in quality. 


Ozone Café- Catch up with young & restless in Kohima

Stylish and crowded, but this is the most favorite place for young generations in Kohima, where youths spend hours dining, gossiping, and superbly enjoying. In the items of the available menu, some of the savories are momos (dumplings of Tibet), pizzas, noodles, and ginger ale. 


La Galerie- enjoy only the best in Cuisine in Shillong 

Like the food, the splendid glass-paneled eatery is divided into small booths, while the visitors could feast their eyes on the remarkably embellished walls with magnificent photographs of natural sights of north-east in India. The guests make demands from Indian, Continental, and Chinese foods. Cloud 9- the top floor bar & restaurant- is the hot favorite of those, who would like to splurge on cocktail, food, or simply cold beer. 



Beatrix- more than just a hangout in Guwahati 

In the olden days, Beatrix used to be just a hangout for the youths in Guwahati. Changing with the demand and choice of serious foodies, it is now a popular food joint of the capital city of Assam.  Famous for the stunning lighting and red table linen, the restaurant offers everything in Indian, Chinese, and Chinese delicacies.

Jul 31, 2015 13:00
North East

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