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Mah Halodhi for Skin

Mar 19, 2015 15:33

Almost all the major brands have made their presence felt in the North Eastern states, especially Guwahati and Shillong. But majority of the women folk still depend on traditional recipes and ingredients for maintaining their skin health. One such home-made trick is applying mah-halodhi on your face and body for a glowing and flawless skin.

Mah-halodhi is nothing but black gram and fresh turmeric paste. Soaked overnight, the black grams are made into a paste the next morning. Add to it some fresh turmeric paste and mustard oil, the mixture is ready for application. Here is the list of skin benefits you will enjoy with this mixture.

  • First and foremost, acne problem is solved if applied to your face, obviously minus the mustard oil. The gram cleanses pores and removes excess oil, while turmeric reduces the oil secretion and takes care of inflammation and infections.
  • Turmeric reduces pigmentations and removes tanning. It ensures that you have a glowing and bright skin too.
  • Fresh grams are excellent exfoliate and keeps blackheads, dead skins and dirt at bay.
  • Black gram is a natural bleaching agent and when applied to your face and body, lightens your skin.
  • If you hate threading or want to get rid of facial hair, the turmeric is the answer because it is said to slow down the growth of facial hair.
  • The mustard oil which is combined with the paste rehydrates your skin, which otherwise tends to dry up during the onset of spring.
Mar 19, 2015 15:33

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