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7 Things NorthEast India Girls Looks for in a Guy

Feb 03, 2018 14:00
NorthEast India

Are you bowled over by the beauty of girls from North East? Can’t you stop admiring how graceful and honest they are? Well, we can presume that you have been smitten by one of them and don’t know how to take this forward. If you are really looking to impress a girl from North East you need to know what she likes to see in her partner or companion. Here we have put seven things that North East girls look for in a guy.

1. Liberal Thought

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Girls in North East are brought up the same way as guys unlike in other patriarchal societies in rest of the country.You won’t hear instances of female foeticide in this region. The least they expect from their partner would be liberal bent of mind. They want to be treated as equal partners in a relationship and won’t take no for an answer in this regard. 

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2. Respect For Her Culture

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Irrespective of the tribe and community she comes from you would know that she takes immense pride in her culture. Let’s call spade a spade, there are people who look down upon the culture, language and food habits of people in North East. If you want to be her man you should appreciate her culture. 

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3. Honest Approach To Life

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Most tribes have simple and honest approach to life. They aren’t used to cutting the corners and breaking the rules. And quite naturally most girls from the region would definitely want to be with a person who brings in the same approach to life. 

4. Loyalty Towards Her

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Girls from North East have a golden heart and they expect unconditional loyalty from their partners. If you are one of those who feel relationships are more sacred than life’s materialism you will surely get to know the true meaning of being loved and cared for when you are with a girl from North East.

5. Respect For Her Style

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North East girls definitely want to make a style statement wherever they go. Whether it is with their bold attempt at different hairdos or trying out the most stunning outfits you have to appreciate her for what she wears and how gracefully she carries herself. They don’t like to be told what they can wear and what is off limits. 

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6. Love For Food

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Since no food item was banned since her childhood, she has grown up tasting different cuisines and has developed into a foodie. North East girls love experimenting with food, whether it is cuisines from Europe or Far East and not to ignore food from her own state. And she expects her partner to be as big a foodie as she is. 

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7. Love For Music

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Well, you can’t keep a North East girl away from music, can you? Though she may not have been part of a teen band she would definitely have grown up listing to everything from metal and rock to blues. She would like you to accompany her to a concert when the big international bands come and if are poles away from music you better give up the idea of being in a relationship with a girl for North East! Are we generalizing? May be, but with all pride!

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Feb 03, 2018 14:00

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