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Inventions from NorthEast That made History

Jan 13, 2018 12:30

Age is hardly a bar when it comes to showcase extraordinary talents from the seven sister states of India. As a matter of fact, the entire world was swept off its feet, when it came know that a college drop-out from Assam has 140 inventions to his credit. His low cost but energy efficient machines literally brought radical changes to the ways of farming in the state. Everyone marveled at the idea, when two kids from class-IV and Class-V, studying in a School in Sikkim, invented low cost water purifier for people of rural areas. The young minds have fired the imaginations of teeming millions of the nation and filled them with inspiration for scientifically more proactive ideas. In the recent past, the North-East Development Foundation initiated the North-East Social Impact Award and held an expo in the capital city of Assam-Guwahati.  The innovations have seriously impacted in the areas like health, environment, education, and livelihood.

Let’s know about the innovators, who have introduced brilliant innovations in different fields in North-East.

Uddhab Bharali- The College drop-out turned bright innovator

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When the farmers in Assam were struggling to fight serious impacts of climate change, ace inventor Uddhab Bharali stepped in with his 140 gadgets to help them out of the crisis. Although academically brilliant, the unfortunate genius had to fight poverty in his childhood and had to drop out from college. Surprisingly, he was reprimanded by the class teacher of his class as he asked difficult questions in Mathematics and asked to sit outside the classroom. After finishing school education at the age of 14, he secured admission in Jorhat Engineering College but left the course in the middle as his family could not afford his education there.  But a determined Uddhab was bent on bringing changes in methods of cultivation in his state. Realizing that technology could only bring development to agriculture, he dedicatedly pursued his dreams of making agricultural tools. So far, he is the inventor of 140 gadgets, which have brought revolutionary changes to methods in cultivation.

Dhruba Jyoti Kakati- another master innovator from Assam

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Dhruba Jyoti Kakati-another nineteen year old from Assam- has five unique innovations to his credit. The boy, who has completed his high school examination, is already familiar to everyone as an accomplished inventor. The top three among his innovative products include match incense sticks, multi-purpose crutch, and an umbrella helper box. For the match incense sticks, the user does not need a match-box to light up an incense stick. The multi-purpose crutch could become really beneficial for the physically handicapped people, who could perform multiple tasks with it besides walking. And for those, who find it difficult to walk in rainy days, particularly in the hours of power-cuts, the umbrella help box could help them with the torch fitted in the stick of the umbrella.

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Riddhiman Das- the young Assamese innovator who won prestigious US award

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Riddhiman Das-the 22 year old non-resident-Indian from Assam- has created history by winning the prestigious “Champions of the change Award” in United States of America. He was honored along with 10 other innovators and entrepreneurs in a special ceremony by the then President of America- Mr. Barack  Obama.  He was given this award for making immense contribution towards information technology and innovating newer applications for the progress of American society.

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Dr Anupam Saikia- Best innovative mind in academics

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Being alumni of IIT Guwahati- Dr Anupam Saikia- has made enormous contribution with his innovative theories in teaching of Mathematics in the state of Assam. Being an avid sportsman, who plays types of games like Badminton, Chess, Carom, Tale-tennis, and Cricket, the prominent academician has largely contributed towards teaching of Mathematic through his innovative ways of imparting lessons.

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Thiam Nandalal of Manipur-the inventor of Robot- ‘ JON-17’

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Everyone was taken aback while the news of this young innovator made headlines. Thiam Nanadalal- a class XI student- had invented the robot Jon 17. The inventor had no access to scientific gadgets that could make the invention possible. Instead he used the discarded household items and brilliantly engineered the device to make it a reality.  The robot he designed was an automatic chicken feeding machine. The robot has the ability to dispense food without any human intervention.

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Tarna Joy- the little inventor from Tripura

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When the sky bursts with a sudden downpour and everybody runs for shelter, the youngest boy from Tripura has a device that could bail everyone out from the incessant pouring of water.  Tarna Joy- a student of class-6 from Dhalai in Tripura- has invented an umbrella that could give protection to five children from rain.

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Soring Lepcha & Subhas Pradhan- the youngest geniuses from Sikkim

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Buying a water filter or a purifier is a pipedream for the millions in the country.  Soring Lepcha and Subhas Prodhan of Manipur have devised a low cost water purifier and filter that could filter water and make it drinkable. Surprisingly, both the boys are students of class-IV and V respectively and the youngest inventors are pride of the entire nation. Both were conferred A.P.J. Abdul Kalam IGNITE award in special function at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

Nim Lepcha of North Sikkim- the Inventor of pass-code based locking system in gas stove

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As the leakage from gas-stove forever poses a risk for our households, a boy’s invention has literally brought a miraculous relief. Nim Lepcha- a student of Class-X in Sikkim has  invented a digital pass-code system in gas stoves that could keep the little children away from playing with it and causing major accidents.

Hadasha Ruangmi- The genius inventor of smallest spectacle microscope

Image source: National Innovation Foundation

A student studying in class-X in Nagaland has invented a microscope that could get fitted to a spectacle, sparing the scientists and doctors from the pain of bending over the object over and over again for examining anything. Hadasha Ruangmi has ideated about a microscope that could get fitted into a spectacle and worn over the eyes for carrying microscopic test of any object.

Jan 13, 2018 12:30

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