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Here’s Why You Need to Travel to Northeast India before 2017 ends

Dec 28, 2017 14:12
Here’s Why You Need to Travel to Northeast India before 2017 ends

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re totally in love with Northeast India. That is, the seven “sister states” of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura.

The region is a dream, and not just because there are fewer honking horns than the rest of India (though that certainly plays a part).

The relaxed pace of life is alluring to even the speediest travelers, and warm local hearts slow visitors down to their own steady beat.

Birdcalls sang to us from the depths of lush tropical forests, and fresh Himalayan air nipped our noses as we crossed sky-high mountain passes. Friendships were forged over beers on the banks of rushing rivers, and stories were shared while scrambling up muddy mountains in the pouring rain.

Best of all, Northeast India is still well away from being a beaten tourist track. As tempting as it is to keep it a secret, the wonders of the Northeast are something to be shared. The region’s tourism potential is enormous, and could provide a steady source of income for many of its people.

If you enjoy straying off the beaten track and into nature, are titillated by the possibility of adventure, or simply want to explore a new part of India you haven’t seen before, here are reasons you need to travel in Northeast India before the year, 2017 ends.

1. There are more cultures than you can shake a stick at.

We reference Northeast India as one entity to make things easier. In reality, the region is wildly diverse, home to hundreds of different tribes. Travelers could explore the region for a lifetime, and still only scrape the surface of the region’s cultural offerings.

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2. It’s completely different from the rest of India.

Despite being equally as diverse as the rest of the country, much of the Northeast couldn’t be further from “stereotypical” India. Aside from Assam, the places we visited felt much more like Southeast Asia… minus the mass tourism and backpacker pancake trails.

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3. No matter where you go, you’re traveling off the beaten track.

Bar parts of well-developed Assam, virtually all of Northeast India qualifies as off the beaten track. There simply aren’t many tourists visiting this part of the country!

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4. You can see what unspoiled Indian nature looks like.

Yes, such a thing exists in India, which can be hard to grasp given the state of many sights and natural areas in the rest of the country!

That’s not to say the region is spotlessly clean—there are plenty of people who like to use nature as a trash can rather than respect it—but there are still a good number of places where you can roam without tripping over bottles and cans. or tangling feet in plastic bags and kite strings.

Dec 28, 2017 14:12

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