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Top 5 Destinations to visit in Northeast India this Summer

Jun 26, 2018 08:30
Northeast India

During summer, when the rest of India is packing to head towards the beach, try packing your bags and coming over to the hills of North East of India. Yes, summer is the ideal time to visit the states of Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland and even to other states of North East India. These are, as close to nature as it can get, and with its ethnic culture rooted deep in these very mountain ranges, you shall surely get swayed in by this beauty, which is so all-encompassing.

Let us now discuss the top destinations in North East India where you should take your next step in this summer.


Dawki (Photo Syed Mojaddedul Islam(Sagor))

The quaint little town of Dawki, Meghalaya is one spot that is now drawing in travelers and tourists who wish to take a serene boat ride on the crystal clear river of Umngot. The Dawki Suspension bridge is a tourist attraction. The proximity of Dawki to Jaflong, a scenic spot nearby, is also worth noting. In summer, visiting Dawki is a plus because you shall be able to explore through the dense forests and even catch sight of the butterflies and nature at its best and pristine self.

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Waterfall in Cherrapunji, top destination in North East (Photo : Manash Chaliha)

Apart from being touted as the wettest place in the planet, the town of Cherrapunji, in the heart of Meghalaya, is also known for the tallest waterfalls in the country. The crude caves and streams, cliffs interspersing with clouds and rains that are a daily occurrence here, Cherrapunji is a poet’s delight. This place is superb in summer since the waterfalls are all gushing down in full throttle and flowers grow aplenty during this time too.

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Jasingfa Aqua tourism Resort (Nagaon)

Jasingfa Aqua tourism Resort (Photo Manash Chaliha)


The state of Assam too has places worth spending a lot of time with nature. The Jasingfa Aqua Tourism Resort is located over a sprawling estate and it is noted for being the best place for nature enthusiasts. It is located just 5.5 kms from Nagaon district headquarters. The fish-based eco-tourism has been the USP of this resort. There are fishes of hundreds of species on display here. There are angling competitions held that has participants from the entire North East coming in large numbers. The resort is known to organize yearly National Fish Farmers’ Day on 10 July too.

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Home to the royal family and the capital of Ahom rulers, is Sibsagar, in Assam. There are tombs of the royal family members in Charaideo.  Gaurisagar,  Joisagr and Rudrasagar tanks are some of the prominent age-old tanks that are worth a visit. The Vishnu Dole, Shiva Dole, Devi Dole, and the tanks and  ancient palaces, all make the architecture loving, history-loving traveller go awestruck!

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Dipor Bil

Dipor bil.jpg

Dipor bil, Guwahati (Photo Rupam Baruah)


Located 18 km south-west of Guwahati, Assam is the bird sanctuary of Dipor Bil that is locally spelt as DeeporBeel. This is a birdwatcher’s paradise since this is a freshwater lake. Considered an Important Bird Area, this Ramsar site of DeeporBeel is also a must-visit for those who wish to set sight on some of the birds like Spotbilled Pelicans and Lesser Adjutant Stork to name a few.

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In short, these places are some of the most unique but quaint places that are still as untouched and as ideal for travelling and exploring. So, now that you know where to head off this summer, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and head off to the North East India.

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Jun 26, 2018 08:30

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