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Agartala Staff Curator 38
Tripura is set vote on Sunday. The ruling Left Front is looking at a record sixth term, while Opposition Congress is facing elections under a new leadership and hoping to gain on a possible anti-incumbency sentiment emerging from the two-decade long...
United States Staff Curator 26
The USS Blue Ridge is the flagship of the U.S Navy’s 7th fleet, overseeing all American maritime operations in Asia and the Western Pacific. It is the U.S Navy’s second oldest active duty vessel and has survived the Vietnam as well as the Cold war...
New Delhi Staff Writer 132
The Forbes India 30 Under 30 is now five years old. And while the selection process has become more rigorous with each new edition, the sheer growth in the number of names on the longlist and the quality of nominee profiles have reaffirmed that the...
Narendra Modi
Agartala Staff Curator 43
This was the leading theme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's political rally in Tripura's Sonamura and Kailashahar. HIRA was another of his acronyms - standing for Highway, Iways, Roads and Airways. Manik was soon trending on Twitter. "The BJP...
New Delhi Staff Writer 13
A new report by global wealth sector information consulting services firm New World Wealth reveals that India has seen  its  high net worth individuals  leave the country in droves in the last three years, with as many as 17,000...
Tamil Nadu Staff Curator 32
Four people have been gored to death during January 2018, while watching and participating in ‘Jallikattu’ or bull-taming in the South Indian province of Tamil Nadu. Politicians of all political parties in Tamil Nadu are offering prizes like cars,...
Guwahati Staff Curator 46
Ratan Tata’s unexplained absence at the recently held Advantage Assam raised many eyebrows. A week before the event, Assam Industries minister Chandra Mohan Patowary had announced about Tata’s participation at the mega investment summit Advantage...
New Delhi Staff Writer 17
What seemed to be a Factory of ideas built on a rock only turned out to be a castle built on sand, empty promises were gone with the wind. Two years on, and the situation still looks bleak and only a few have benefited from the initiative....
Manik Sarkar
Agartala Staff Curator 30
For the last 11 days, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has been traversing the length and breadth of Tripura, one of the last remaining bastions of Communist power in the country. With Tripura going to polls on February 18, Sarkar will be attending 43...
NorthEast India
Northeast Reetasri Bhatta... 225
Are you bowled over by the beauty of girls from North East? Can’t you stop admiring how graceful and honest they are? Well, we can presume that you have been smitten by one of them and don’t know how to take this forward. If you are really looking...
Shillong Staff Curator 14
The Northeast has always been synonymous with football and with fans that are absolutely crazy about the sport, it is no wonder that the Northeast now boasts of three teams in the I-League— veterans Shillong Lajong, champions Aizawl FC and the new...
Agartala Staff Curator 39
Ahead of Assembly elections in Tripura, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is clearing the decks for the state’s royal scion Pradyot Kishore Debbarman to join the saffron brigade. In a significant development on Tuesday, the party’s state election in...


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