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Sikkim: Minister Pawan Chamling greets People on the Occasion of Teyongsi Sirijunga Sawan Tongnam

Dec 04, 2017 19:48
Teyongsi Sirijunga

Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister, Sikkim have extended his warm greetings and best wishes on the occasion of Teyongsi Sirijunga Sawan Tongnam to the people of the state particularly to the Limboo community.

The CM in his message stated that Teyongsi Sirijunga is remembered for his legendary role as a revivalist of age old traditional legacy of the Limboo community in the state.

It is celebrated on a full moon day of the harvesting month “Mangsir”every year. The celebration starts with a traditional puja ceremony, followed by Limboo folk dances and presentations of music. The main venue for the festival is “Yuma Mangkhim” (worship place for Limboos) located at Hee-Bermiok, ancient home for Teyongsi Sirijunga, in West Sikkim.

Attempting to gather sources of Limboo knowledge and culture, Teyongsi Sirijunga has traveled through the remote areas and regions of Sikkim. He laid the foundation for a Limboo ethnic revival and was able to establish centres of Limboo cultural and religious learning in many places throughout the eastern Himalayan hills.

The Chief Minister has stated that this auspicious day is celebrated with reverence, dedication and fervour by the Limboo community.

The Chief Minister said “The people of the Limboo community owe a great deal to the renowned scholar for their reawakening with regard to their religion, language and script. I would like to appeal to the people of Sikkim to draw inspiration from the life and times of great personality like Sirijunga and incorporate the knowledge in their daily lives. It is also a day for us to recognize the importance and significance of preserving our culture and heritage for posterity”.

Source: TNT-TheNorthEastToday

Dec 04, 2017 19:48

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