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Tibetan Origin Foods Popular in Sikkim

Aug 06, 2016 22:53
Shapale / Tibetan Fried Meat Pie, Momos, Thenthuk / "Pull" Noodle Soup

The small and beautiful state Sikkim, located in foothills of Himalaya fascinates travelers with its numerous attractions. The culture and lifestyle of the Sikkemese people have been influenced a lot by those of neighboring countries. Influences of Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine in particular can be strongly felt in cuisine of the state. Some mainstream Tibetan dishes have become very popular in Sikkim over the years and they are savored by tourists exploring the hilly state as well.

Below listed are some Tibetan origin foods that have become a staple of Sikkim’s cuisine. You will find these in most restaurants and even street food joints in Sikkim:



Momos are popular across all north East Indian states including Sikkim but the origin lies in Tibet. The small dumplings filled with minced meat and chopped vegetables taste awesome when eaten with hot soup and fiery chili sauce. They are served either in steamed or deep fried forms. The shell is delicate but firm to contain the stuffing well. As it is, the momos available in Sikkim come close to taste of authentic Tibetan momos. They are also served with radish and cucumber salad.

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Shapale/ Tibetan Fried Meat Pie

Courtesy: http://www.yowangdu.com/wp-content/uploads/Veg_Shabalep.jpg

It may resemble a large deep fried momo, but Shapale or sha balep is a little different! It is what you can call Tibetan version of meat pies. The dough is crunchy outside while inside is softer. The stuffing is mostly made of minced chicken, spices and sliced onion. In Tibet, they are mostly eaten in breakfast with rutang soup but in Sikkim, they are eaten almost anytime. Tibetans make use of yak meat for stuffing. With fiery chili sauce, Shapale tastes very nice.

Thenthuk/"Pull" Noodle Soup

Courtesy: http://aminearlythereyet.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/pushkar_thenthuk...

Thenthuk is best described as a typical Tibetan noodle soup which is preferred a lot by Nomads in chilling days of winter. It is made with both vegetables and meat. The difference of Thenthuk with thukpa is that the latter is made with flat noodle but it is made with bite sized pulled noodle. This ensures you get some amount of noodles in every spoonful of this soup. It is a healthy and filling meal. It is also served in dinner.

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Aug 06, 2016 22:53

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