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Urgelling monastery
Itanagar Arnab Ghosh 27
The diversity of tribal culture and rich Buddhist heritage of Arunachal Pradesh are as much attractive to visitors as are its wildlife and unexplored natural sightseeing. The remote north eastern state is home to a number of Buddhist shrines and...
New Delhi Staff Curator 47
Shiva is the most revered God among Gods, and his day aka Mahashivratri is celebrated with much fervour in all parts of India. While the basics of these celebrations remain the same, each province has a touch of uniqueness about it. Falling on the...
Florida Staff Writer 19
The mammoth vehicle - the most powerful since the shuttle system - lifted clear of its pad without incident to soar high over the Atlantic Ocean. The Falcon Heavy, which will provide the United States a heavy-lift capability in space not seen since...
Agartala Arnab Ghosh 164
The states in North East India are famous for their enticing wildlife and natural diversity. However, the heritage and cultural past of these states are no less interesting for the visitors. In various places of North east India, Buddhism flourished...
Northeast Staff Writer 256
Meghalaya is best known for Shillong one of the beautiful hill stations of the Northeast and also Cherapunjee and Mawlynnong. Hundreds of people visit this beautiful state to experience the power of religion and spiritualism. The people in...
Guwahati Staff Curator 63
Assam’s Majuli faces flood fury and the threat of erosion whenever the mighty Brahmaputra river swells. So take a break from your high-tech lifestyle and hop on that double decker boat to live the simple life in the world’s largest river island...
Northeast Staff Writer 879
The effect of social media has not left behind the North Eastern states. Social Media in the North Eastern states has influenced by large the people here. Instagram being one of the most resorted channels of social media, the youth of North East are...
Itanagar Moupee Debroy 73
The remote Northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh is home to many ancient and famed monasteries and gompas. This part of Northeast India was Tibet’s part once upon a time but today it is a part of India though many remarkable vestiges of Tibetan...
Rail Map
Agartala Arnab Ghosh 194
The development of infrastructure and transport has been delayed in the North East India since Independence but things have improved gradually. While railway network developed and spread well in Assam, the residents of Tripura bore a long grudge for...
World Staff Curator 79
An airline assistant revealed something a little unsavoury about the water system on board aircraft A flight attendant called Betty doesn't think you should be drinking coffee on airplanes. [[{"fid":"44346","view_mode":"media_original","fields":{"...
Mountains and Hills
Northeast Staff Writer 1,124
The Northeast Indian States or the seven sister States are known as a slice of paradise, unexplored. Northeast India is full of natural beauty, amazing valleys, Astonishing Waterfalls,dense forest and great hills. Seven sister States has many...
Konyak tribesmen
Kohima Staff Writer 54
The Konyaks are known for their fierce headhunting history, which continued until 1960. Found in large numbers in Nagaland, India, the former warriors are recognised by their facial tattoos and the animal skin, hair and horns which...


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